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CPlus Released His Single Titled “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend”

Clifton Johnson is an artist who goes by the stage name Cplus. Not only is a singer and songwriter but he’s a guitarist, pianist, and all around instrumentalist hailing all the way from Oklahoma City. Cplus has an impressive track record behind him as he’s opened up for various different acts such as Joe, Usher, Tony Terry, and Mint Condition. Over the past two years, Cplus has continuously toured and performed live with his band “Born in November”, in which led to numerous television appearances, and online interviews.  With the rising success of his band and a promising solo career ahead of him, Cplus is on his way to the top.

Cplus released his single titled “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend” and we were WOAH’d by Cplus incredible vocal quality. The tone in his voice was incredibly soulful, and just enjoyable to soothe the mood over. His tender vocals pre possesses you with a simplistic approach to the record. His clear articulation helped him project the consonants in his vocals in a clean-slated delivery. A soft-dynamic record, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is eclectic with an evergreen vibrance that we love. Cplus has a one of a kind special voice in which is memorable and efficiently timeless. His texturized voice is what really makes the song pop in our opinion. You can’t help but love what Cplus has to convey with his essence. It’s truly unpredictable and mesmerizing. Not many songs can produce that timeless affect onto its listener where you’ll want to listen to the record years later and still fall in love with it the same way you fell in love with it when you first listened to it but “Diamonds are a girl bestfriend” does that for you. Cplus has everything it takes to become a hit and we’re excited to witness the progression in his career continue to rise!

Listen to "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" for yourself on Spotify, and see if you love it as much as we do at BuzzMusic!


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