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Cracc Cobain Releases The Addicting Song “Checc up”

Cracc Cobain is the product of an artist who is influenced by all 3 coasts; born in the Bronx, resided in Los Angeles, and raised in Miami, he’s highly serious about music since he’s been playing since the age of 11, beginning with bass instruments. He started to dab a little bit in rapping at the age of 14 when he started writing in composition books, and participating in lunchtime cyphers. Once college hit him, he began to yearn for more. This was the beginning phase for Cracc Cobain’s journey in hip-hop. Along with Black Starz, Kool MC, MC dope, and Chino G, the collective known as “Alien Gang” was formed. After years of minor success, Cracc Cobain found himself falling ill which caused a halt on the collective’s movement in 2013.  After years of pushing through it and recovering, Cracc Cobain and the Alien Squad is is back with their new released single; “Checc Up” off of their upcoming EP; “Lunch Time.”

Checc up begins with an immediate piano melodic introduction that had me fully attentive. “I'm about to run me a check up” is the initiated lyrics that climaxes in energy before the beginning beat drop, before the hook transitions in. the hook had us head bopping back and forth while listening to the first rapper’s fire verse and contagious wordplay. One super dope element about the song that I found myself smiling at, because it was so smoothly introduced to the beat was the sound of a camera flick when he says the lyric “taking pictures like a camera”. The second verse by Emmy delivered the girl power force we love in a female rapper. Her aggression, energy, and dynamic projection helped highlight her star appeal. The entire song of “Checc Up” had me feeling it from start to finish. The lyrics were catchy, the flows were heat, and the delivery was insane. Every hit song has an addicting hook you can’t help but find yourself repeating even when the song isn’t playing, and “Checc up” is no different from the rest.  With an enticing and transporting storyline that focuses on the flexing element of hip-hop where you can be cocky and brag about getting the money you righteously deserve, “Checc Up” will indeed serve as a hit to many!

Stream "Checc Up" now on Spotify, and keep reading for Cracc Cobain's interview with BuzzMusic!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your music?

Thank you. I'm Cracc Cobain and I'm currently 28 years old. I grew up Miami after living in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and the Virgin Islands. My music is an extension of my life. I just rap about what I actually live and see or lived and saw.

Tell us about “Checc Up” and the meaning behind it?

Checc Up means getting your money up. For example "Bro I'm broke right now but I'm about to get my checc up".

What inspired you to write “Checc Up”?

I was actually on my way to work the day that I wrote it. I was heading in to do an 8 hour overtime shift. I had the beat playing and started chanting "I'm bout to run me a checc up" jokingly but the cadence of it was catchy. I actually hated how catchy it was when I recorded but my engineer and everyone I played it for loved it.

What do want your new fans to get out of your music?

I want my new fans to get that I'm human and been through things just like them. I've worked a dead end job, I've been homeless, I been 50k up but through it all I stayed dedicated and prevailed.

What’s next for you?

I am currently wrapping up season 1 of my YouTube series #FreeLunchFridays and preparing the release of my next single "Marathon". That'll tie in to the release of my EP "Free Lunch".


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