Craig Greenberg Promises, "We'll Come Together"

From Chile to Spain, and finally, New York City, the singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Craig Greenberg releases a hopeful and inspirational tune entitled "We'll Come Together."

With over 1K shows under his belt, Craig Greenberg's music has made its way across international audiences in Israel, Cambodia, and many more. Having performed with esteemed musicians like Jackson Browne, Chris Barron, Jane Wiedlin, Louise Goffin, and Jerry Joseph, Craig Greenberg has amassed vast industry knowledge and experience to allow his solo sounds to flourish.

Now releasing his powerful ode to human connection, "We'll Come Together," Craig Greenberg and his soulful instrumentals power through our speakers with nothing but love and hope. While singing a passionate message of coming together to find our way out of the darkness, Craig Greenberg delivers incredible soul and vibrance to get us out of a rut and into a more inclusive mindset.

Listening to "We'll Come Together," the song opens with Craig Greenberg's bright piano melodies and his smooth-sailing vocal portrayal, singing an inspirational message of coming together as one to get us out of our current struggles. Leading us towards the hook, a powerful electric guitar makes its way in alongside Craig Greenberg's harmonious background vocals and upbeat drum arrangements.

As the song's energy continues to grow and expand, the sonic atmosphere begins to exude this irresistible tone that pushes us into a more positive state of mind. While the bright and fluid piano makes its way to the outro, Craig Greenberg and his accompanying instrumentals serenade us while leaving us hopeful of reuniting with our loved ones once again.