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Craig Greenberg Promises, "We'll Come Together"

From Chile to Spain, and finally, New York City, the singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Craig Greenberg releases a hopeful and inspirational tune entitled "We'll Come Together."

With over 1K shows under his belt, Craig Greenberg's music has made its way across international audiences in Israel, Cambodia, and many more. Having performed with esteemed musicians like Jackson Browne, Chris Barron, Jane Wiedlin, Louise Goffin, and Jerry Joseph, Craig Greenberg has amassed vast industry knowledge and experience to allow his solo sounds to flourish.

Now releasing his powerful ode to human connection, "We'll Come Together," Craig Greenberg and his soulful instrumentals power through our speakers with nothing but love and hope. While singing a passionate message of coming together to find our way out of the darkness, Craig Greenberg delivers incredible soul and vibrance to get us out of a rut and into a more inclusive mindset.

Listening to "We'll Come Together," the song opens with Craig Greenberg's bright piano melodies and his smooth-sailing vocal portrayal, singing an inspirational message of coming together as one to get us out of our current struggles. Leading us towards the hook, a powerful electric guitar makes its way in alongside Craig Greenberg's harmonious background vocals and upbeat drum arrangements.

As the song's energy continues to grow and expand, the sonic atmosphere begins to exude this irresistible tone that pushes us into a more positive state of mind. While the bright and fluid piano makes its way to the outro, Craig Greenberg and his accompanying instrumentals serenade us while leaving us hopeful of reuniting with our loved ones once again.

Remind yourself to keep hope with help from Craig Greenberg's inclusive and uplifting single, "We'll Come Together," now available on all streaming platforms.

We genuinely appreciate the uplifting and inspirational message within your recent single, "We'll Come Together." What inspired you to create a single that unites listeners and brings them together?

Thank you for saying that. As far as the inspiration, I remember it was the morning after the 2020 presidential election, and it was beautiful and unseasonably warm for November in NYC. The results (as predicted) had shown the lead flip to Biden when the late reporting states results came in overnight. I was awake (uncharacteristically) very early and feeling good, and decided to go out on a long bike ride, up to Astoria Park in Queens. There was barely anyone out and the city was peaceful and from the news sinking in I just had this very profound hopeful feeling come over me, something I hadn’t felt in a long while. After I got back home from the ride I went to the piano and that hope I was feeling translated into a very upbeat tune and the phrase “We’ll come together” came out almost instantly from my mouth. In expanding on the concept I started reflecting on the pandemic. One of the realizations that came to me early on was that the word pandemic has the prefix “pan”, which means “all”--the idea that we all, as in the whole country, was experiencing this event together..and more broadly, that all of humanity was as well. Your favorite artist or actor is having some of the exact same concerns that you're having, worrying about whether they'll get to see that parent or grandparent again. There was something profound and so potentially unifying about that idea. But, sadly, that beautiful notion was quickly lit aflame by certain political leaders, who managed to turn the pandemic into something divisive. The song is a simplistic response to that idea. I don't know where we're headed as a country, but I know if we can't keep the focus on things that unite us rather than on what separates us, we will be screwed! Did you work solo when creating the broad and soulful instrumentals for "We'll Come Together?" Or did you team up with any other musicians/producers during this process?

I worked w/ Wayne Silver at the Ice Plant Studio in Long Island City, Queens, recording in December and January, and the song was mixed and mastered in Jan/Feb by Alex Psaroudakis. I played piano, guitar, and bass (which is a new thing for me), and Wayne tracked some guitar as well. Hiroyuki Matsuura is on drums. We had Beckley Andrews and Danielle Rhodes sing backing vocals.

How did you manage to write such inspiring, hopeful, and uplifting lyricism for your single "We'll Come Together?" Do you usually write lyrics and songs that are meant to leave the listener feeling inspired?

While I've written uplifting songs in the past, this is by far the most on the nose hopeful song I've ever written. To be completely honest, my real sense of where I think the country is headed isn't quite as optimistic as the song portrays, and I actually had a bit of an internal conflict between my younger more idealistic self, and my older more cynical one. I heard it at first as more of a Randy Newman-type song, with a sardonic slant to the lyric, but ultimately realized my voice doesn’t really work trying to project that style, so I just went all-in on the positive feeling. Also, I just felt after going through the pandemic, and the last four years in our politics, people just could use a happy song, even if it's a bit doe-eyed. Interestingly as well, once I started writing the lyric, I began hearing the phrase "come together" in the media and on different news outlets. It was weird, but it made me feel like I had maybe tapped into the zeitgeist of the current moment.

How would you describe your sound and music to a new listener? How does your music reflect who you are and what you stand for?

I realize it's not the most descriptive, but I usually describe it as piano-based pop-rock. I identify strongly with the early singer-songwriters that came out of New York, people like Paul Simon and Billy Joel, especially from a lyrical and range of musical perspective. I am definitely politically quite liberal in my thinking, and I believe that comes across in my lyrics. I was counting them yesterday and this is actually the fifth political song I've written. I don't set out to write these kinds of songs, but they seem to just happen every couple of years or so. Maybe one day I'll put them all on a record together.

What's next for you?

I'm going back into the studio next week to continue work on a couple of songs I started tracking before the end of last year. I'm also thinking to release an EP of just the songs I've written during covid. I've been in a good writing groove, and after the long amount of time between my last two album releases, I am determined to not have a gap like that happen again!, AND, more shows for sure. I'm jonesing to be out in front of a live audience again!



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