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CRASH Stevens Precisely Executed His Record “Precision”

Born in North Hollywood, California, CRASH Stevens is an artist who has been living there until he was around 5 years old, where he then moved to South Central Los Angeles. He resided there and attended school in the South of L.A until he was 12 years old. Once he hit 12, his mother moved him and his siblings to Moreno, California where he participated in recreational sports and pursuing creative activities like arts & crafts, in more specific, music & theatre. He attended Moreno High school all four years and played sports all four! He pursued college Basketball until his career ended due to injuries. He turned bad situations into better outcomes and used music as the journey to the light!

CRASH Stevens released his latest single titled “Precision” and we were pleasantly surprised by this single. The climaxing introduction develops the anticipation for what’s to come before the aggressive beat and fire flow punches you in the face with a strong intense hit! CRASH Steven’s flow is insane and his lyrical metaphors and crafty analogies were a representation of his skilled lyricism and his high caliber in songwriting. Apart from many rappers, CRASH Steven has his own individual style you can’t compare to anybody else. He differentiates himself from others and has his own specific flow and delivery which helps him stand out and formulate his own individuality. “Precision” is the perfect head-banging hit that gets you hype and your head swaying alongside. The hook is infectious and addicting. You become immersed into the music by rapping/singing alongside the hook. CRASH Stevens doesn’t mirror his style from other rappers, instead you can tell he’s familiar with what’s popular in contemporary rap and channels that into his own cultivated swagger. “Precision” is not only perfect for the speaker blasting car ride lovers, or the partying to trap music lovers, but it’s a vibe for any current mood to take you out of your element and get you feeling the song. CRASH Stevens really rode the beat in “Precision” and executed this single flawlessly.

Listen to "Precision" here and get to know more about CRASH Stevens below!


Stay connected with CRASH Stevens through the artists Instagram!


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