Crash Your Car Releases Their Heartfelt Sophomore Single, "Paralyzed"

Los Angeles-based versatile jazz trio Crash Your Car introduces us to their dynamic, soulful, and versatile ways through a unique and lush sophomore single, "Paralyzed."

Crash Your Car is comprised of Nick theKidd, Harry Paul, and Stuart Blackie. The boys carry lengthy backgrounds in the art of jazz, which inspired them to create a group that pays homage to their musical upbringings. The band formed during the early days of the pandemic out of pure frustration of being cooped up, which led them to pursue their musical passions with the band, Crash Your Car.

Now releasing their lush and mellow sophomore single, "Paralyzed," listeners are able to get to know the diverse and unique stylings that Crash Your Car has to offer. The song is truly nothing we've ever heard before, as Crash Your Car delivers the utmost unique and intriguing sounds to keep us locked in and engaged.

Diving into the single, "Paralyzed," we're met with a hazy and soothing acoustic/electric guitar melody that sets the song's heartfelt and relaxed tone. As the downtempo drums begin to tap through our speakers alongside the lead vocalist's passionate performance, Crash Your Car begins to take us through the feelings of being paralyzed by someone's beauty and elegance.

Moving through this calming and soulful piece, Crash Your Car continues to sonically serenade the soul with their well-rounded and jazz-inspired instrumentals while singing a passionate and relatable lyrical story. As the group leads us to the tranquil outro, they end the song with nothing but passion and soul.

Get to know the authentic and ear-pleasing sounds of Crash Your Car and their sophomore single, "Paralyzed," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Crash Your Car, and congratulations on the release of your soothing sophomore single, "Paralyzed." What inspired you to create this deeply passionate and heartfelt piece?

This song came from a desperate attempt to escape an overwhelming sense of impending doom. In the midst of quarantine, one of my close friends rented an apartment on the water in Malibu for a couple of days to try to feel a sense of calmness and control during such a difficult and uncertain time. I went with our Bass player Harry, and naturally, we all decided to take LSD. There was a particular moment that day when this group of 2 young couples came to hang out at the beach. One of the girls was in love with the ocean, and she immediately ran to the water and started playing around in waves while her friends kind of just sat and looked cool. For some reason, the 3 of us were really struck by the disconnect between her and her friends. To live in the moment and to be one with nature seemed like the obvious decision to us space cadets, but no matter how hard she tried to convince her friends to join, they stood still as stone. In a way, we were all her in that fleeting moment. Craving an understanding of what it means to feel alive while the rest of the world acts as if they don’t need it. Believing that I, as a man, would remain flesh if She called for me that way. We went back to the apartment, smoked some weed about it, and wrote "Paralyzed."

Could you break down your band's creative process when formulating the soft and melodic instrumentation for "Paralyzed?" What was this process like behind the scenes?

This band is about breaking creative taboos, especially in our recording process. I never tell my band what to play. I ask them to be present with me in the moment, whenever we play together, and I trust them to express themselves freely with their instruments of choice. We try to record every time we play together. We set up microphones even if we are just rehearsing, and we aim to get so comfortable recording that we forget they are even there. We are rooted in Jazz. To be fully immersed in the moment is priceless. They say a good record is a good master of a good mix of a good recording of a good performance of a good arrangement of a good song. Crash Your Car treats every step as an art form within itself, handling everything from inception to engineering and refining our craft as we go.

What did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing your single "Paralyzed?" What emotions or feelings did you want to evoke?

My girlfriend told me that while we were playing this song live one time, a girl in the crowd turned to her boyfriend and said "this song is sexy" and that made me feel like it was really being heard. We want people to hear this and crash their cars. We want this song to fill the listeners with such intense emotions of fulfillment that they lose sight of this illusion of perceived value that equates years of our lives to an inanimate apparatus of steel, rubber, and plastic. We are not meant to work to support other people’s greed. We are made to love and pursue the things that make us happy. The things that freeze time around us, solidifying our connection to a greater existence.

How do your two released singles, "Paralyzed" and "Crash your Fucking Car," give us a better understanding of who you are and the music you create? How do these two singles represent your group?

These 2 songs showcase both of our writing styles. "Crash Your Fucking Car" was entirely improvised, showcasing our passion for carrying on the soul of Jazz without the burden of its tradition. None of us actually know how to play the song in that recording. Some say we could try to learn it, but we are like sharks, we cannot swim backward. "Paralyzed" shows how we can take a song that was written in a different context and make it our own through collaboration.

What's next for you?

Hell Hath No Fury. We are already sitting on albums worth of recorded material, and nobody can stop us from continuously and furiously making new music. We meet at undisclosed locations and record for hours at a time. Money is irrelevant. The Mothman is real. The internet has opened the floodgates, and soon no one will be safe.