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Crash Your Speakers With SINNER SINNERS’s New Hit, “BIG BIRD”

Los Angeles-based rock band SINNER SINNERS storm the scene with a fiery and anthemic new tune, "BIG BIRD," from their recent 3-track EP, Hanging On.

What started in 2009 has now developed into a killer post-punk rock band featuring husband and wife Sam and Steve Thill, Macy Mullen, Michael Amster, Ben Palmer, and Mike McCrary. It's safe to say that the band has found their groove, having opened for acts like Eagles of Death Metal and Nashville Pussy while sharing the stage with Refused, The Sonics, and Black Flag.

When it comes to SINNER SINNERS, one thing's for sure; they're guaranteed to combust your senses with their neurotic post-punk brightness and infectious groove. That goes for their recent single, "BIG BIRD," from their vibrant 3-track EP, Hanging On. The song is one hell of a way to kick off a project, locking you in instantly.

Expanding on "BIG BIRD," the track opens with beaming electric guitar riffs and rumbling snare drums that leap into the anthemic and orchestra-esque instrumental. Before we know it, Steve Thill's powerful vocals rip through our speakers while SINNER SINNERS shifts into a heavy and punchy hard rock atmosphere.

There's so much to hear in this track, from the tightly-knit brass section to the foot-stomping rock instrumentals. SINNER SINNERS has, without a doubt, started a fire with this track, showing no signs of putting it out. There's no wonder why they chose to open their EP with this track; it grabs your attention like a burning truck on the freeway.

Bless your ears with a dose of sonic thrills and chills through SINNER SINNERS's recent single, "BIG BIRD," from their 3-track EP, Hanging On, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SINNER SINNERS. You had us breaking a sweat after hearing your recent single, "BIG BIRD." What inspired this anthemic and stimulating song?

In early 2022 we decided that we wanted to cut a quick EP of cover songs. Next came the decision-making process. As a band, we love playing rock n roll, but as listeners, our catalog is endless. We definitely wanted to do some throwbacks, and what better place to start than the Motown and Stax records hits from one of the greatest times in music? Sam chose “Keep Me Hangin' On” as it was a song that was playing in her household as she was growing up. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of Stax, but Big Bird came out of nowhere. Steve emailed that one to me, and I had honestly never heard it. In addition, we had been talking about doing a song from the Cure for years now, and it just felt like the right time. What was your band's creative process like when creating such a big and bold track like "BIG BIRD?" What was that experience like?

As I said before, I had never heard the track before and on my first listen, I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit. It felt too slow for me. Steve and I talked it through, and he said, “I’m hearing a Stooges riff over the verse”. I went home and listened to Funhouse in its entirety, locked myself in my home studio, and an hour later, "Big Bird" was reborn Sinners style. Didn’t even really change the verse riff, just uptempo and a bit of a feel change. I believe it stays true to the original.

Why did you choose to place "BIG BIRD" as the intro track of your EP, 'Hanging On?' What role does the song play in the EP?

Well, it just hits hard in your face. Great rock n roll feel to kick things off. The horns are epic. Dan And Gavin crushed it on that track, letting loose on the end with a collective improv. I feel like we are gonna have to bring some horns in on our next full-length. Stay tuned!

What is the EP, Hanging On, about? How does it contrast and differ from your other projects?

It's all covered. Just a fun detour from our normal day-to-day. We love covers, and fans love covers, as it’s always great to hear a new interpretation of songs we all know and love. We always like to throw one at our full-lengths, but this was an opportunity to think outside the box and challenge ourselves with some songs well outside of our genre. We definitely thought through a long list of tracks, but these three just made the cut. They just worked. What's next for you?

Well, back to the grind. Steve and I have a bunch of demos ready to be brought to the band for fine-tuning. As with all of our albums, the next will be a progression from the last! Looks like we will be collaborating as a band a bit more in the writing process and hopefully bringing in some amazing guests to rock this thing!

Questions answered by Macy Muller, guitarist.


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