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Craymo Gives Us Some 60s Flavor as He Addresses Love in His Latest Single

Award-winning, indie singer-songwriter Craymo, delves into the depths of alternative pop music with uplifting performances. Returning with his lead single, “Love You More,” the surf rock homage can be heard picking up on hues of the 60s with notes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Cliff Richard, and the Everly Brothers.

The luscious guitar progressions collide with the eclectic energy that he serves up through sweet and reminiscent sounds that spiral through the composition. Being showcased on his award-winning EP, ‘Love is Power,’ the fusion of soothing resonance strikes up a cemented place on the project and in our hearts.

The upbeat liveliness that drizzles itself through the soundwaves has us eager to feel the music on the level that Craymo has intended for us too. Dedicated to John, his partner of 20 years, the vivacious dynamism that pours from this piece matches the radiant soul that is experienced as we tour the verses and hook of “Love You More.”

Through the various layers that add texture in a reverberated dimension of intoxicating grooves, it’s easy to pick up on the inspiration that speaks itself into a Craymo arrangement. Grasping onto that with the unprecedented vocal delivery of Craymo, where passion ignites the flame of adoration within, there’s a beauty that etches itself into every sonic avenue that Craymo chooses to venture.

A huge congratulations on the composition of such a striking piece, welcome back to BuzzMusic Craymo. The story that is weaved into this release is truly beautiful! Could you please share what inspired the creation of this grand gesture for John?

Thank you so much! We were coming up on our 20 year anniversary together and I wanted to create something special to commemorate our special occasion and to let him know how much I love him. You can feel the love in this song, makes me smile every time! He brings out the best in me.

How does “Love You More,” compare to other songs heard on your ‘Love Power’ EP? What allowed you to see this track as the lead single?

I released the EP in April 2020 during the height of the Covid pandemic. I wanted to create a project of pure love, Love Power, because I felt the world needed a little more love, especially now. Love You More captures that feeling of pure love and joy.

In terms of the creative process that you embarked on when bringing this vision to life, how did it fit into your average creative process? Did you find specific similarities or differences?

I contacted my friend Chris Capozza, who I worked with before on my song Moment because I wanted a 60's Beatles feel for the song. Chris, I knew, had toured as the sound engineer for two of the most popular Beatles cover bands and I knew he could re-create that sound. The creative process was different on this song because I was trying to capture and pay homage to that vibe and style. We were very happy with the results!

What is the main message that you hope transpires through the music you create?

I have always been a lover of pop music in all its forms, how it inspires me and helps uplift me. I have always been a positive, glass-half-full kind of guy! My message is one of pure hope, joy, and love, I feel we can't get enough of that in our lives. I hope my music can inspire people, lift them up, escape and maybe help make this world a better place!


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