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Craymo Shares His Desire for “One Love One World,” in Latest Heartfelt Single

Craymo is your happy-go-lucky kind of multi-genre artist. He has an original type of love for the world and all those that reside in it, which is really the basis of his lyrical content for most songs he releases. With an itch to elevate, inspire and spread hope amongst his listening base, Craymo intricately crafts music that is able to unleash all of the good energy he has to share. The latest high-energy single that Craymo released was titled "One Love One World," which premiered on digital streaming platforms on October 15th. The song itself brings his oh-so-familiar multi-genre approach which allows so many flavourful harmonies to be brought to light. Craymo isn't afraid of making a real punch with his upbeat, positive, and light-hearted melodies. That's the kind of style he has, one that captivates the hearts and souls of listeners, all while providing a peaceful and joyful ambiance to revel in.

With a predominant tropical atmosphere being generated by the production, Craymo is able to add new elements to the contemporary Hip/Hop scene of today. This general vibe attributes so well to the "One Love One World" message; Craymo brings a beautiful perspective to the table by pushing the ideology that we're all a part of one world. The feeling of unity is propelled effortlessly and Craymo proves through his authentically impassioned delivery that he has a genuine interest in the deeply-rooted message "One Love One World" offers.

Craymo, you took our heartstrings and pulled on them with delicate force, and we can't wait to hear what this grounded artist will be sharing with music listeners next.

Your latest song, "One Love One World," brought on an inspiring and graceful message. What led you to craft "One Love One World" and embed such a powerful message into the song?

Thank you so much! It's one of my proudest accomplishments, and I hope it will be my legacy to this world. I wrote this song initially in 1993. That's the year I kind of hit rock bottom in my life. I was a Corporate nightclub DJ. I had just lost my job, the last two companies I worked for went bankrupt, my previous two paychecks from them bounced, I got evicted from my apartment, and I ended up homeless. I lived in Los Angeles at the time, staying on friends' sofas and living in my compact Mazda 323 car. One night I was trying to sleep in my vehicle.

I turned on NPR and listened to news reports of women and children being tortured and murdered in parts of Africa and reports of the horrendous persecution, torture, and murder of homosexuals in Africa and the Middle East. I was shocked! I thought my life was horrible, then realized how lucky I was being a gay man living in America. Tears were rolling down my face as the words and melody "One Love One World" started coming to me over and over, then the rest of the song just flowed out. I thought no one should live in fear for their life. Everyone should be treated as human beings, that we are one human race. I would sing the song in my head from time to time for a few years but never recorded it. Then 9/11 happened, and the world stopped. I said to my dear friend and music producer Brandon Jarrett, "Brandon, I have this song I think we have to record to help the world heal" I sang it for him, he looked at me, and we both got a chill, we knew! Brandon co-wrote, helped me write the music, and he produced the original record!

Knowing you've always had a passion for inspiring others to be unified, how were you hoping listeners would feel and think upon listening to "One Love One World?"

I was hoping that people would be moved and that maybe it would help heal the trauma being felt that we all were feeling. I wanted to help unite people and bring them together with a message that peace and inclusion are the way to a better future. It worked! Teachers worldwide started downloading it, teaching it to their students, who then performed it at their schools, all over the world! The song was used as a learning aid to teach English to impoverished children in Pang Liu Village in China! Crazy! I was so moved when I saw the video of those kids singing my song on the other side of the planet! I guess people were getting the message of the song. I had never been more proud of something I had created. It was beyond anything I had ever dreamed!

Were there any challenges you faced amidst the construction of "One Love One World?" Did you find the lyrical content came naturally to you, or was it difficult articulating your words in the song?

Not at all, surprisingly! It all just flowed. It was magical. We knew it was special.

Can you share more on the other individuals involved in helping you create "One Love One World?"

Brandon Jarrett is a highly successful songwriter, performer, producer, and composer. He has composed the score for over 35 movies for Lifetime, Hallmark, Ion, and more. Now, 20 years later, I thought the world needed this song again with Covid and all the negativity happening everywhere. So I went into the studio and did a reggaeton version. A new generation needs to hear it. We need to unite and work together to make this world a better place for all of us.

What's next for Craymo?

I am working on a couple of dance songs, and I have a couple of surprises too. You'll just have to wait and see!

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