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Craymo Unpacks Latest Single, “My Intuition”

Welcome to Buzz, Craymo! We're bopping our heads to the fiery beat of your latest release, "My Intuition." What inspired you to create this emotion-packed electronic banger?

Thank you so much! “My Intuition” is a re-recording of my song “Intuition,” which appeared on my first EP, Be My Girl, which was self-released way back in 1997. It was a song I have always loved, and it needed a modern update! 

When it comes to production, what did your creative process look like for “My Intuition?”

I have been a nightclub DJ for many years and wanted to create something aurally exciting and booming for the dance floor! 

My Swedish Producer, David Sivano, sent me this groove, and I instantly fell in love with it! I have worked with David on my tracks “Take It Slow(Gotta Say Hey)” and “Give Me Your Love.” He creates brilliant grooves, and I love to sing over them!

What sort of a vibe or feel did you want to infuse in this song?

It has a vibe of the  Black Eyed Peas meets Depeche Mode, and I instantly started singing my song Intuition over the track and got so excited and inspired! The Peas have infectious grooves, and I absolutely love Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan’s baritone vocals. I am trying to sing more in my lower range and feel more comfortable there!

How does My Intuition stand out from your previous releases?

Musically, I am heading in a more electronic dance direction. That synth sound on the chorus is massive and really grabs your attention! I want to create more club bangers!

What makes the song different from the others?

It really makes you really want to dance. The evolution of Craymo, LOL

What message or concept do you want listeners to take away from My Intuition?

We all have voices in our heads from time to time that guide us, inspire us, protect us, and keep us safe. I believe we all have some form of intuition, and we can all develop it with silence and meditation. Beauty, magic, and inspiration come to you in the silent moments.

As an experienced artist like yourself, do you have any advice or words of wisdom for newer artists looking to not only survive but thrive in the music industry?

Yes, I do! My advice for newer as well as “older” artists in this industry is be true to your vision, be true to who you are, the honesty will come through in your music. Don’t try to chase trends; it rarely ever works. Be the trendsetter yourself! Be original. Music is subjective, not everyone will like your music, your music will find its own audience!  

Don’t let the “no’s” and negative feedback you get weigh you down. Let those comments inspire you and build a fire in you. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up. Network, Network, and Network! More opportunities come from meeting new people. Collaborate with other artists, songwriters, and producers. Find the inspiration in everything; it’s there.

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