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Creative Jazz Artist Rea Makes Us Feel Like We're in "Wonderland" With Her Latest Single Release

Jazz/Folk singer Rea has recently debuted her album, titled 'Safe and Sound', in late 2019. Collectively, the album offers a variety of appealing, smooth and alluring components. The album is designed to display the life experiences of Rea, and all the wisdom she has gained thus far throughout life. Focusing on mental health and relationship issues, "Safe and Sound" brings forth a stimulating and introspective discussion with the perspective of Rea. The precision and elegance of Rea's voice is what will most likely attract your attention, which will be held once you're deep into the melody of the song. 'Safe and Sound' also offers many varying environments, each giving listeners a new and evolved type of feeling. Rea offers jazzy eccentrics, and we're hooked by her playful personality.

There's a soft buzz to Rea's latest single brings a real sense of ineffective rhythm to listeners! Rea has a soft artistic persona, where she comes off as extremely delicate and creamy. There aren't any harsh aspects of Rea's voice. Vocal-wise, Rea knows how to maintain an equilibrium with her voice, which ends up establishing this tranquil listening environment for us. We feel free listening to Rea's "Wonderland". The track happens to be the fifth track off of her seven-track album and is one of the most robust songs the album sees. Other aspects of the album focus on more low-key instrumentals and/or productions to establish more of a serene environment. In essence, "Wonderland" makes you feel as if you're on a big, fluffy cloud of positivity, which is incredibly attractive to feel as a listener.

Discover Rea in her song "Wonderland" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rea! The release of "Wonderland" came with the debut of your 2019 album, "Safe and Sound". Compared to other songs featured on the album, how do you feel that "Wonderland" ultimately complemented and contrasted in relationship with the other songs?

Wonderlandis about wanting to escape the pressures of everyday life and return to a time and place free of stress and self-doubt. “Wonderland” complements the other songs on the album such as “Safe and Soundwhere again I’m looking back at simpler times when things were simpler and I felt carefree. A few of the other songs talk about failed friendships and relationships and the feeling of helplessness to make things right. There is also one particular song, “Shy Girl”, that is really a third person narrative about a troubled soul who is trying to make people believe she has it all together when in fact she really needs help. The songs on the album are about relationships, heartache and mental health. I wrote a lot of these songs while studying Songwriting at Berklee College of music. I curated this album to show the phases in my life during that time.

You bring simple, yet complex and intricate melodies forth with your sound. How do you derive the inspiration to manifest the right kind of sound to be paired with the other components of the song?

I tend to sing what I feel based on life experience. I always try to have my melodies reflect my unique perspective. Sometimes this takes a bit of time, and other times it comes to me more naturally. Once I record a track, I listen back to what I’ve written and I try to find ways to capture the listener's attention, whether it's with a unique harmony line, rhythm or melody line. For instance, in “Deep Water”, I use the metaphor of water to describe a failing relationship. I wrote this song after a break-up. Feeling helpless to mend the relationship and lamenting the loss, I found solace and comfort in writing this song. When I recorded the first demo of the song, you could hear the pain in my voice with the guitar rhythm mimicking the ebb and flow of the sea.

As a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and visual artist, your artistry can truly be deemed multi-faceted. You have so many varying perspectives within the music scene, and the cultivation of your music comes with tons of experience. Are you continuing to excel in your artistry and learn varying components of the music industry?

Being in this industry is about learning something new every day and striving to grow and learn as an artist. I am part of the music scene in my hometown St. John’s NL, Canada, where I play shows at coffee shops, bars and at fundraising events, and continually expand my network in the industry. I play frequently to gain experience performing, to make connections with fans and to build a following.

I was also part of the music scene in Corner Brook NL, when I was studying Fine Arts (Visual Arts). During that period of my life, I released an EP called “Favourite Company”. That album was about my experiences during those four years studying Visual Arts as well as studying abroad in England for a summer.

I was also part of the music scene in Boston while studying at Berklee. I went out to shows and played a lot of shows as a soloist and with a band called, Rea & The Tugboats. The Tugboats played on my album “Safe and Sound”. They added an interesting dimension to my music. I learned a lot about being a band leader and how to express my ideas to a group.

I currently play with another band; we call ourselves Rea and Friends. Each band member brings a unique sound to my songs. It’s important to be a part of a larger community of artists. Going to open mics is very important. I get to meet all sorts of new people - musicians, songwriters and artists. I look for opportunities to collaborate with other musicians whether it’s co-writing a song or performing together. This is critical if you are wanting to grow and develop as an artist. Creating your own scene can also help you establish your unique sound and brand. I play many shows throughout the year and at every show I meet someone who inspires me and gets me closer to where I need to be as an artist. You have to work hard and promote yourself as much as you can.

I have also used my talent as a visual artist in designing posters, press kits, and other promotional materials for Rea. I also designed the album cover for “Safe and Sound” and did all of the artwork for the album cover.

We've heard about the old-school music covers you do, primarily regarding music within the '70's-'90's era. Do you feel as if your music is ultimately inspired by some of the well-known artists you perform covers for, such as Blondie, The Cranberries, and Norah Jones?

These are a few of the many artists from that period that inspired me and continue to inspire me today. I remember hearing their music being played on the radio when I was a kid. However, I didn't discover Norah Jones until I was a young adult and now I play a lot of her music. When I was much younger I listened to the Cranberries, Aqua, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence and many other artists. I like to take songs from my youth and put my unique spin on them.

What can fans anticipate to see or hear next from you, Rea?

I am planning to record one of my new songs, “Sway”, as a single. I also have a number of other songs that may find their way onto a new album. I also hope to tour a little bit in the future. In an effort to continually expand my repertoire, I am currently working on a number of new covers so stay tuned.


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