Croatia-Based Duo FOMENCO Can’t Resist “Your Vibes”

It’s hard to tell who FOMENCO is at the moment, since the Croatia-based producer’s true musical identity has just started to unfold and develop. Despite that, what FOMENCO is undoubtedly sure about is that it’s music will always be made with the main goal to evoke the strongest of emotions in its listeners, be it the need to tap your feet and move your body in a dance club or sit motionlessly and letting it flow. FOMENCO’s diverse musical influences range from classical music, jazz and funk to more modern producers like Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Mura Masa, Jax Jones and many more.

Making their impressive debut with “Your Vibes”, FOMENCO creates a track that is a product of jazzy background mixed in with smooth funky house beat and a more contemporary sound. FOMENCO shows great ambition and dedication to making every aspect of this track gripping and fun to examine while at the same time preserving the simplicity of a dance club number. This piece becomes something of a highlight for its sheer structural originality and that fine balance between creativity and professionalism. Musicianship is as important as production, but this seems to get overlooked in much of modern dance-pop music. That’s far from the case with this track!

Check out “Your Vibes” here and read more with FOMENCO in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves? How did you get started making music?

Thanks for having me! I'm 19 year old musician and a math student from Croatia who relatively recently (about a year ago) started doing electronic music production. To be honest, I actually never imagined myself doing electronic music, especially a couple of years ago. At that time, I was a music school student, played the piano in a local jazz/funk band and was assured that the only "real" kind of music is the one performed live on "real" instruments (now I know I couldn't have been more wrong!). At one point my guitarist bandmate and I realized that we should definitely widen our musical horizons and soon found ourselves exploring a whole new world of modern electronic music we have basically never acknowledged. At that point we were confident that we want to collaborate on a dance/pop single. I started writing the song and producing it while he went on to write the lyrics - and one year later, "Your Vibes" is born!

How do your musical influences inspire your sound?

I think what greatly inspires my sound is my jazz background, since I played jazz for the most part of my life. Although I think the effect jazz has on the overall sound is subtle, how it affects my view of harmony is, I believe, of greater importance for me as a songwriter. Production is mainly influenced by today's modern producers, Calvin Harris for the most part (who is, in my opinion, one of the most creative yet simplistic musicians today).

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind “Your Vibes”? What is your favorite lyric or musical element throughout the track?

The only meaning behind the name is that the word "vibe" sounded cool when pronounced haha!

Looking at the big picture, my favorite musical element is probably the chord progression. While it's almost impossible to write a completely unique chord progression today, I think the chords in "Your Vibes" are pretty exotic, despite the fact that there's only four of them! That's the reason why "Your Vibes" is not a song you will instantly fall in love with, you first gotta get to know it!

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I just want them to feel good. If I could make them move with the groove, feel hyped and euphoric with my music, that would definitely be mission accomplished!

What’s next for you going through to the end of 2019?

Since this is my first single, the next thing is to go on to explore and start developing my own style. I'm currently experimenting with some cool new ideas and hopefully by the end of 2019., I will have come up with something fresh!


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