Crome Offers New and Exciting Talent With His Recent Single, "Snitchin' (Feat. Delamoe & Lil' Dee)"

The LA-based Producer Crome delivers a wave of fresh Hip-Hop talent with a massive single titled, "Snitchin' (feat. Delamoe & Lil' Dee)."

Constantly expanding the roster for his label Chrome Friends Music, Thomas Sahs is excited to announce the hot new features for his latest pieces.

From the impressive stylings of 15-year-old Brooklyn-based stand out Lil' Dee to the Oxnard, California, indie artist Delamoe, the two have teamed up to deliver greatness within this piece. 

Crome's latest single "Snitchin' (feat. Delamoe & Lil' Dee)" brings listeners into a sound that's quite familiar yet also wildly authentic.

From Thomas Sahs's New York inspired production, to elements of West Coast imagery allows the listener to take an unexpected journey across the country. Not to mention, Delamoe and Lil' Dee adding an incredibly old school and nostalgic flair, we love the grooves that this single offers. 

"Snitchin' (feat. Delamoe & Lil' Dee)" opens with quite the stimulating production switch up through spacious alternative instrumentals, quickly dropping into an old school Wu-Tang Clan inspired beat.

As Lil Dee' begins riding the beat with an intoxicating Joey Bada$$ type flow, we're profoundly impressed with the deepened bars he's written for this