Cross Your Heart, and Listen to "Promise" by Genecist

Multi-talented musician, Genecist was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Defeating the vast array of music, Genecist expresses his wisdom and advice to the world with Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Soul infused melodies that set him apart.

Raised on Lauryn Hill and Lupe Fiasco, Genecist is a self-proclaimed lyricist at the head of his division, with a message to spread.

Radiating his soulful vocals, and burning desire to produce intoxicating creations, Genecist provides his rapidly growing fanbase with his most recent hit, “Promise.” Being placed on his album, ‘Ancient Potion,’ Genecist strategically stamps “Promises” eighth on the tracklist.

Serving us a pacifying universe of symphonic melodies, you become fixated on the angelic-like vocals that overflow from Genecist’s raw talents. The passion within opulently shines through and is observed through various angles as you hear the heart and soul placed into each tenor shed.

Genecist has a knack for being a wordsmith, and the fluent manner that he conveys significant verses have you hanging on to the edge of your seat in this danceable single. Delving into wistful lyrics that touch on themes of love and the promise to cherish one another, the works performed by Genecist burst through the soundwaves as they tug on your heartstrings.

In the mid-tempo range of infectious grooves, “Promise” is the welcoming embrace that Genecist sends to his audience. Inviting us into a world custom to his artistic versatility, you fall in the prevailing yet tranquil delivery that has us categorizing Genecist in his league. The compelling nature that Genecist executes is both vulnerable and faithful, as we sink into our seats and feel “Promise,” that way it is meant to be heard.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Genecist, we adore your single “Promise,” featured on your ‘Ancient Potions,’ album. In your own words, what does the heartfelt message in this track mean to you?

It means Faith and Trust. Taking responsibility for our role in the happiness of our significant other. "Promise me that you'll always be a reflection of my love." So the Love that we give should radiate within and out of each other.

How does “Promise,” compare to the other songs we hear on, ‘Ancient Potions?’

It sticks to the overall theme of Love. every song is about Love in various forms. But Promise is a celebration of that Love.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

"A Promise easily broken wasn't planted in Space, So never make a Promise unless you can grow it in Faith." Aside from the planted/planet in Space, wordplay thing that happened there lol that line summarizes the rules to a Promise.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that brought “Promise” to life?

I was honestly just looking for Afrobeat beats and found that one, the title of the beat was Promise and the words just kinda formed themselves. I know I wanted to make a song people could fall in love with and dance to.

What is the main message that you hope your listeners take away from yourself as an artist?

Be real. Copy no one but learn from the Greats. I also want people to recognize the timelessness of the music. Typically, my music is written in Universal truths, so in any generation these songs hold weight. That's because they stem from who I really am and what I really believe.