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Cruel Billie & Lorvida Look For Their Purpose In “Fein”

Riding on the California airwaves is a singer-songwriter and alternative-pop recording artist Cruel Billie with her chilling and introspective new single, "Fein," alongside twin sister Lorvida.

Cruel Billie's sound could be described as a jazzy, atmospheric, psychedelic, and bedroom pop mix of Americana vibes like Lana Del Rey and the modern dark pop aesthetics of Billie Eilish. Creating her own distinct brand, Cruel Billie's soundscapes range from here to heartache, and she welcomes you on her journey through each chilling release.

Speaking of chilling, we never have experienced such sonic and lyrical perfection from an independent act than with Cruel Billie and Lorvida's single, "Fein." Following the release of Billie's EP, This Is Kismet; the new single was recorded and produced in Los Angeles with Riley Geare. It's a moving and haunting song that discusses Billie's longing and frustration for a different way of being.

Hitting play on the new song, "Fein," we're met with Cruel Billie's breathy and whispery vocals that expand on needing money to take it easy. The reverbed electric guitar and plucky, haunting bass licks bring us deep into this melting pot of Americana meet modern dark bedroom pop.

The hazy hook leaves us in a dreamy daze, especially as Lorvida's softspoken poetry flows through the speakers with words that discuss the difficulty of finding your purpose on this planet. It's a deeply melodic piece that features various instruments, from organ and twangy guitars to an oozing bassline and dynamic percussion.

We're sure any listener will appreciate the wickedly conceptual and dynamic soundscape Cruel Billie and Lorvida blesses us with their new sisterly single, "Fein," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cruel Billie. We're head over heels for your haunting and conceptual new single, "Fein." Were there any particular moments or experiences that inspired this personal piece?

Hi! Thank you so much; we are excited to finally have "Fein" out. I remember I wrote "Fein" one morning before work. I had been looking out a window at the sky, wishing I could do just that all day. I wrote it with my acoustic guitar and sang whatever came to mind as I played. I ended up being late for work that day, haha. Sometime later, I played "Fein" for my sister, and she then shared a beautiful poem she had written that felt like a solution to my angsty lyrics. We always tend to be on similar wavelengths in one way or another. We decided to join the two. It was a lot of fun.

Did you have any musical or artistic influences when creating the sound and vibe of "Fein"? Who or what might have impacted this song?

As I was writing, I kept picturing a desert scene, someone on the prowl- searching for something and maybe a little lost. Lorvida's part felt very lush and ethereal. We wanted it to feel that you stumble upon a little haven of paradise through this desert-prowl-fever-dream. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood meet Molly Lewis.

What was your experience creating "Fein" alongside your twin sister Lorvida? Was this your first time working on a song together?

Lorvida and I used to write as kids but never together! So this was our first time combining our pieces of work and our first time recording in a studio together. I had worked with Riley Geare before, who produced my last EP and had a great experience, so I was excited to bring Lorvida along this time for "Fein." We had so much fun, and it lit a fire in us to keep creating.

How did you want "Fein" to make listeners feel? Did you want them to realize or take anything specific away from your personal lyrics?

I think "Fein" is a song everyone can relate to in one way or another, especially considering the last couple of years! We hope it might validate frustrations and give some peace through that hazy mirage that life can be. And all while dancing, of course. Thanks, BuzzMusic!

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