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Cruise Down the Streets to Nick Johnson's "Keep Rocking in the U.S.A"

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Johnson followed his musical passions all over the country - from his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, to New Hampshire, Boston, Los Angeles, and now, Nashville, Tennessee.

Known nationally for his six-string and songwriting/arranging skills, Nick Johnson is no stranger to making a big splash.

Making an impact with his most recent single, “Keep Rocking in the U.S.A,” Nick Johnson takes this opportunity to shed inimitable talents as he tells the story of a traveling musician on tour. Wrapping us around his finger in the charismatic persona that seeps from this track, Nick Johnson has us fully immersed in the breathtaking chord progression that sends chills down our spine.

Accompanied by the powerful drum hits that set the tempo of this mesmerizing bop, this fortified foundation produced by the one and only Justine Blazer allows the impeccable collision of Nick Johnson’s prevailing tenors to intangibly float upon. “Keep Rocking in the U.S.A,” transports you to the road trip of your dreams.

The type of ride you take where the wind is in your hair, and you’re lost in good tunes and good company. This single from Nick Johnson is heavy in impact, but light in the way it makes your soul feel carefree. He vocally portrays a sort of fundamental satisfaction that we know and love, as we take a big gulp of his musical creations.

“Keep Rocking in the U.S.A,” is an anthem that radiates a sentimental warmth for years to come. It’s a timeless piece of music that has us pressing replay the moment the song comes to a halt. Nick Johnson is redefining the genre of Country as he adds his Rock twist to the concoction and allows it to simmer in the minds of his fan base.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nick Johnson, and congratulations on your latest release of, “Keep Rocking in the U.S.A.” How did inspiration strike for the creation of this track?

Thank you! I’ve had this song for a while and I really felt the time was right to put it out.

As the creator, what does this song mean to you?

For me, “Keep Rocking in the U.S.A.” is about a lot of things - the initial innocence of the journey and the changes that occur during it, the idea that no matter what happens, life will continue. Things will go on. The show must go on!

You truly paint a vivid picture with your lyrics. How long did it take you to write the lyrical content heard? Could you please share a glimpse into the process?

Thank you for saying that. I really appreciate it. Lyrics are fun for me. I do take care and time when needed! I believe this came quickly (about a few hours). I had the majority in one sitting and then came back to it. I like writing for a character or situations and developing them. The challenge with a song is to capture the story and there’s not a lot of time. Too much fun.

Once touring is able to happen again, where is the first place that you want to perform?

At my mom and dads! Anywhere they want me.

What's next for you?

I’ll continue writing, teaching, and putting out music. Hope to tour and get the people out there singing my songs!



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