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Cruise Through Your Thoughts With Ajanne’s “Talking To Myself”

Ajanne hails from Detroit with a passion for creating art wherever she goes. With an alternative R&B meets pop sound, she releases music as a window into her brain.

As we stare through those reflections, we're greeted with the striking new single from Ajanne titled "Talking to Myself." The brooding thoughts she showcases through delicately crafted lyrical motifs emanate warmth in the theme of insightful honesty.

Queue up the big screen and the scene where a young girl moves to a big city to follow her dreams and find her purpose, and you have "Talking to Myself" playing in the background.

Acting as a soundtrack to the life of those looking to fulfill their tenacities and follow their dreams, the wistful atmosphere Ajanne creates takes listeners on a thoughtful journey through her mind as she performs angelic croons with astonishing harmonies.

Ajanne's lyrical motifs are like a comforting shoulder of reassurance as we get caught up in our lives and forget we don't need to have it all figured out. She reiterates vulnerable words like, "I still don't know who I am," we couldn't find those words more apparent to those navigating life through a perspective lens. "Talking to Myself" has an immediate replay factor as we envision ourselves cruising the freeway and getting lost in a medley of our thoughts.

Find yourself through Ajanne's "Talking to Myself" on your favorite streaming platform.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ajanne! We're thrilled to have you here chatting with us about the new release of your latest single, "Talking to Myself." What emotions were running through your head when creating such a reflective single?

The main lyric I built the rest of the song around was the part, “she took me, and then she kept me….” There is both fear and excitement in that line. I wrote this song around when I planned to move to LA, so I was very scared. Some of the fear I was holding onto came out in this song.

What message do you hope your audience can take away from this song?

I’ve noticed that tarot reading has become so popular, and I find them very interesting to watch. Still, I started to really like to lean on them for how to behave for the following week, but the thing is, we don’t really know what the future holds, and we should embrace the unknown, grab it by the balls and make the unknown happen. This song holds such a prolific essence, and we can hear it playing in the background of so many movies!

What would be your ideal movie to have this playing to?

Definitely, a coming-of-age type film, a young artist moves to the big city and conquers; that’s the dream. Your sound is so unique yet holds mainstream appeal. What is the Detroit music scene like, and have you found it to shape your sound as an artist?

Detroit is so underground and rich with diversity, and I feel like that’s exactly who I am; I feel like my sound is a little of everything because that’s how I listen to music overall. What's next for you?

I wanted to set the tone for this year, so I plan to continue releasing more music throughout 2023. This will be my year!

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