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Cure Your "Hangover," with Logan Seagull's Lush Single

Hailing from San Diego, the alt-rock and hip-hop/r&b artist Logan Seagull release a dreamy ode to the past with his somber single, "Hangover."

Spending his time living life with concerts, nights out, and bonfires, Logan Seagull only recently indulged into his music career, although he's been writing his entire life. Through influences like RHCP, Sublime, Mac Miller, and Frank Ocean, Logan Seagull is excited to offer his honest and genuine stylings to anyone in need.

Now releasing his sweet-sounding and reflective single, "Hangover," Logan Seagull soaks our speakers in his passionate stylings accompanied by down-tempo percussion and a soulful acoustic guitar. "I hope when people hear it, they think about someone they loved. Or they just crack open a drink and enjoy the song—either way," states Seagull.

Listening to "Hangover," the song begins with Logan Seagull's soft acoustic guitar picking accompanied by his soothing and breathy vocal stylings. As he begins touching on mornings when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Logan Seagull starts sinking deeper into reflection, where he reminisces people and love that continue to roam in his past.

While a light hi-hat makes its appearance alongside a grunge-like bassline and a down-tempo kick, Logan Seagull continues to serenade us with his airy vocal stylings and mesmerizing background harmonies that sweep us off our feet and push us deeper into introspection.

Don't miss out on the refreshing experience that is Logan Seagull's latest heartfelt and reflective single, "Hangover," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Logan Seagull. We are head over heels for the emotion and heart you've placed into your recent single, "Hangover." Was this single inspired by real events and the experience one encounters when hungover?

Unfortunately, every line of the song is written from experience. Being broke and having my card decline on a coffee date, being drunk and thinking I see my ex at the club. It all is very real which made it more fun to write. The song is about trying to distract yourself with drinks and girls, but it’s also just a playful jab at myself for how poorly I handle hangovers. We noticed that your single, "Hangover," features artist Brent Barstow. Was he featured within the song's instrumentals?

Brent is my producer and close friend. I just came to the guy with a simple guitar riff and my lyrics and he really made the song come to life. He has the right style and taste for my music when it comes to producing because he is an artist too. He will be producing my whole album, “Deep Yellow” and will even be featured singing one song himself. Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals for "Hangover" so lush and smooth? What inspired the song's calming tone and feel?

A lot of my musical influence comes from Mac Miller’s last two albums. I love how he transitioned into clean instrumentals and kept the pace calm while dipping in and out of seriousness. In this song I feel like I tried to have a similar feel, being lighthearted and keeping the vibe relaxed while also telling a story. Rest In Peace Mac. What can you tell us about your forthcoming album, 'Deep Yellow,' this June? What sort of romantic and heartfelt pieces are you cooking up this time around?

This will be my first album and collection of work. Just like a hangover, each song was written from experience and has the “summer sadness“ kind of feel. There’s a lot of variety on the album and I’m excited for people to hear it. I hope someone can connect to the lyrics and maybe move to the music when they hear it. What's next for you?

I hope to play a few shows this year up the coast of California with a few artists that I’m friends with. I want to play some acoustic sets from Deep Yellow. Small venues and good music are all I am going for, and whatever comes from that is a bonus. At the end of the day, I’m just happy to express myself and if someone connects with the art then it only makes it better.


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