CustodyMusic Encourages Us to "Be Kind," With His Latest Music Video

The Toronto-hailing recording artist, rapper, producer, and songwriter CustodyMusic releases a wavy and refreshing music video for his recent hit, "Be Kind."

CustodyMusic has made his way around Toronto's music scene by way of his melodic and acclaimed production stylings, leading him to collaborate with various names around the city. After the release of his debut EP, '2020,' CustodyMusic quickly expanded his fanbase while following up with powerhouse tracks like "Toxic" and "Be Kind."

Elaborating on his recent release, "Be Kind," CustodyMusic takes his time to admit his wrongs while marking a new chapter for himself with a new perspective on social interactions. Also releasing a fresh-feeling music video for the track, directed, shot, and edited by 3rdeye, viewers are able to get a glimpse of the young recording artist in his prime.

Diving into the music video for "Be Kind," the scene opens with a picturesque landscape shot of Toronto's skyline while drifting off into Lake Ontario. Through swift transitions into scenes of CustodyMusic and his crew enjoying a smoke under the trees by the beach, CustodyMusic begins his laidback and relaxed performance while reminding us to treat others the way we expect to be treated.

As the video cuts to shots of CustodyMusic and his acquaintances on a yacht sailing through the lake's lush waves, he continues delivering his smooth bars while riding over the gentle yet punchy beat produced by Trudie and Aaron Kubina. As the video comes to a close with more shots of Toronto's picturesque skyline, CustodyMusic makes the experience all the more engaging through his passionate performance from beginning to end.

Catch the vibe of CustodyMusic's latest music video for his sweet-sounding single, "Be Kind," now available to watch on YouTube.

We love the relaxed and encouraging feel of your recent music video for "Be Kind." What inspired you to create the song itself that reminds listeners to treat others how we would want to be treated?

I think the song was really an outcome of the dark mindset I was in at the time. I was inspired to make the song overall as a reminder that whatever we put out there we get back - regardless of what situation you should always stay humble and treat others with dignity. At the end of the day, it betters you.

What was the shooting process like for your music video, "Be Kind?" How was your experience when shooting and creating the scenes?

Honestly, the day of the shoot we were on our way and got a call from the club saying they were getting threats from the police of fines if they de-dock, so long story short they canceled on us, but none of us were worried. There was a beach nearby and we were prepared to shoot more scenes there. Luckily, there was a friend already on the water so everything came clutch. The shoot went real smooth and we all enjoyed doing it.

How did the director, editor, and videographer 3rdeye execute the vision you had in mind for the music video, "Be Kind?" What was it like working with him?

Well first and foremost, I have to give credit to Lari, my manager, and my partner. She was really the brains behind the shoot. She placed all the ideas out and 3rdeye was able to bring that vision to life. 3rdeye is always a pleasure to work with, as he doesn’t cut corners and really takes pride in what he does. We’ll definitely be working again in the near future.

Does "Be Kind" mark a new chapter in your career? Should we expect you to continue releasing heavily meaningful and encouraging lyricism in the future?

Most definitely, I think Be Kind is the foundation of what I plan to show more of in the future. I got a lot of things I want to get off my chest that I feel like people could relate to. All in all, that’s what I’m here for. I can’t wait to show y’all what I have in stock.