CustodyMusic Shares His City's "Toxic" Traits in a New Music Video

From Toronto, Ontario, the hip-hop artist, songwriter, and producer CustodyMusic shares the tales of his "Toxic" city traits with an introspective music video.

From Greek descent, the Toronto-hailing artist has made quite the name for himself around his city, as 2020 saw the debut of his EP, '2020,' which showcases CustodyMusic's artistic diversity, raw talent, and production skills. More recently, CustodyMusic dropped his reflective and honest music video for his single, "Toxic," introducing listeners to a more personal side of the young artist/producer.

Through his latest music video, "Toxic," viewers can catch shots of CustodyMusic strolling around the hotspots of Toronto once the sun has set. While he touches on the toxicity of the city while surrounded by countless others attempting to make it somewhere in life, CustodyMusic reminds himself to stay grounded with a clear vision in sight.

Hitting play on the music video for "Toxic," the visuals open with shots of CustodyMusic strolling through the solemn and dark streets of Toronto, reflecting on what's before him. As he begins spilling his mid-tempo and reflective bars, CustodyMusic touches on past friends who traded in their normal lives while on a hunt for the bag.

As CustodyMusic continues his stroll through the city, he meets various others along the way while contemplating the path he's chosen and whether it's the right fit. As he later walks past a group of eerie masked men, CustodyMusic emphasizes his city's toxic traits forced onto its people, as he finds his old friends, new friends, and enemies stoop down to levels he's never seen before.

Get to know the up-and-coming hip-hop artist/producer CustodyMusic with help from his latest music video, "Toxic," now available on YouTube.

We admire the honest and reflective scenes within your latest music video, "Toxic." What inspired you to create a song/video surrounding your city's toxic traits?

Thanks for having me! For the record the song isn’t targeted towards one specific city, I love Toronto and am proud to live in it. I just think in regard to any large city there will always be toxic traits just from the number of things going on - a city that never sleeps, it’s the energy you can feel all around you. You look around and barely see a smile on a face anymore, you hear yelling and screaming, cars honking at each other on the road, police sirens, homeless people having mental breakdowns - whilst these things get ignored because everyone else is trying to maintain their own sanity and peace of mind.

Did you have any help when shooting/editing your music video for "Toxic?" Who helped you out along the way?

Yeah, I mean I really got to give credit to 3rdeye, my videographer came up with the concept for the video based on lyrics I wrote for the song. He really brought the idea to life, I just told him I wanted something meaningful. I also have to thank LRL Management for setting this all up for me. My collaborator Trudie who worked on production for the song, and everyone else who came out to make that shoot possible. Matt, Imran, Cole, Guapo, Ashley, Simon, Bank$ide, and Lari.

What did you want your audience to take away from such an honest music video like "Toxic?"

I want my audience to understand that just because people flash money in your face, buy you a drink, or are even willing to sleep w you don’t mean their intentions are genuine - everyone got an agenda, nice people don’t come around like that no more; a lot of people are constantly scorching for a centerfold and when situations get serious you start seeing people’s true colors. Be careful who you surround yourself with around and always watch your back.

For listeners just getting to know you and your music, can you expand on the concepts and themes you tend to touch on throughout your releases? How does your music reflect who you are?

My music is genuine to my character; I wouldn’t really say that my songs are for the club but more for really listening to. I’m not afraid to talk about taboo subjects or speak what’s on my mind. I grew up with different values and I never fit in because of that. and I got lost man; I gave in at one point and started becoming what others wanted me to, then I said forget that, it isn't even really supposed to be rapping, I’m honestly a producer but I got a lot of shit to say and against the discretion of others. I decided to start releasing. At this point I don’t care what it’s like, I’m here to do good, don’t be embarrassed; you gotta look around and ask yourself...which world do you want your kids growing up in? No way in hell I want my daughters being conditioned the way I see females acting around big cities, no way I want my sons to be initiating that either. It’s all a façade; and I know we all low key recognize it, but why be part of something you don’t believe in?

What's next for you?

I got a next single coming out on May 8th called ‘Be Kind.’ I’m super excited for that one because it’s definitely my best work yet!