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Cut The “Tension” With London-Based Artist Madman State

London based Madman State is a musician, rapper, and producer known for his passion, eclectic style, and boundless attitude & energy. Mixing a variety of styles from old school hip-hop to modern trap, State is not scared to experiment. Madman State has also mixed it up incorporating rock, soul and R&B influences into his music. A standout figure in the nu-wave sound currently taking place in London.

Tension” features a mighty bass-line that bounces through to pave the way for artist and songwriter Madman State. On top of what is a gorgeously colorful and partly organic soundscape, the artist offers up a beautifully uplifting melody-line that’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive all at once. In addition to the likable groove of the music, the song’s concept offers a fine balance between personal truth and a generally accessible level connection. Madman State seems genuinely lost in the moment throughout the recording, he carries the bar well and makes certain to hold your affection without screaming out for views or throwing in anything irrelevant just to add volume. Madman State is an impressive artist with a natural connection to the genre and to performance on the whole. We can’t wait to hear more!

Check out “Tension” here and read more with Madman State below!


Welcome to BuzzMusic! How do you manage to successfully fuse so many genres into one cohesive sound? 

Many years of practising the art of production lol. With this particular song I felt it necessary

to combine my composing skills with my sampling skills, and the additional use of other production

techniques are what have made it stand out.

Tell us about the lyrics in “Tension”! What inspired this song?

This song was inspired by a personal situation that happened which involved a external individual

giving me and my at the time partner an ultimatum which created 'Tension' in our relationship. The rest of the song then explores how we tried to maintain things with this tension but ultimately it proved too hard despite our attempts. Really emotional stuff lol!

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

Probably my most memorable achievement has been producing music which I always dreamt of doing from a very early point. Looking back I now have the ability to produce music which I only could have dreamt of before. It's taken a lot of learning and trail and errors but I can honestly say I'm so stoked at how much I've advanced in the last few years.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

My main aspirations include more performances, more visual content and I also aspire to play at festivals sometime very soon! 

All part of the bigger picture of what I plan to accomplish.

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019?

I currently have a bag of other singles I plan to release for the rest of the year and into the new year. I'm always working on visual content additionally, so be sure to check this space for more announcements!


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