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Cutting Edge Vocals And Alternative Rock Style Of Lanny Paul Brings A New Sound To Long Beach

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?

I have been hiding in the shadows.. Working on my image, stage presence, and style.. Writing compelling music is not as easy as some think.. Ive been sharpening my skills all the way around.. and I’m going to blow the windows out of the next shows, so they better have some plywood on hand..

Any LIVE show experiences or road stories you would like to share? 

I'll have to get back to you on that one... I must scour thru for the clean ones...

With such a busy schedule, how do you find the time to rehearse and create new music? 

I make time.. I rehearse in my car, I practice a lot in my car, I beat my voice up in my car All of the time... I make time for it.. it is in my blood and is a mission I cannot deny to perfect and constantly develop new sound..

Where are you currently located and what are your favorite local spots to play? 

I reside in Long Beach, Ca .. I frequent the motocross scene..  I / we ride weekly.. it is my other passion.. It’s not much of a secret that have always been an adrenaline junky.. and now I coach others ( my kids ) to live passionately in their sport(s), interests.. It is next level living life... And music is really in their blood !!!! Somehow... ;) Snowboarding is also on the menu when climate is right... I generally throw myself down the mountain all day..

When we follow our dreams in life, there are sacrifices.  What do you find to be the greatest sacrifices and the greatest gifts of your career? 

I took some time away to do the family thing, It was the greatest sacrifice putting music aside for a minute.. or 3 .. It has definitely forced me into being a better person and given me endless stories to write about, and made me honestly feel the greatest emotions one can feel.. I have to say. . Kids have absolutely changed me.. for the better.. I’m very grateful to have this “Ride” of a life. .. I invite you to join me on this ride!!! Let’s gooooo

Please share with our readers how we can support your music on line as well as in real life!

My Instagram - My YouTube Lanny Paul. Facebook LannyPaul.. follow me on my journey, and thank you for this opportunity to spill my guts.

Thank you for your time and wishing you all the best with your musical career.



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