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CVSH CAPRI Releases The Perfect Song To Get You In Your Feels

CVSH CAPRI is an R&B artist who hails all the way from Toronto,Ontario. CVSH CAPRI got his start in music when his mother placed him in piano lesson classes. Subsequently, CVSH CAPRI got involved in music in various ways from not only instrument playing but singing as well. With the combination of his love for music and poetry, CVSH CAPRI began songwriting. It wasn’t until recently, CVSH CAPRI decided to come out as an artist and deliver his work consumed with emotions on both ends of the spectrum.

CVSH CAPRI recently dropped his single titled “Infatuated” and it gave me strong vibes of atmospheric R&B and Pop records by artists like The Weeknd. CVSH CAPRI has a beautiful vocal resonance and range that goes from chest voice all the way to falsettos. It had a slight sensual aura around the song. CVSH CAPRI’s intriguing voice helped him carry this song into multiple different dimensions for the listeners. The hook was delivered in a rhythmic mix of legato and staccato delivery, matching the beat of the song. “Infatuated” has an engrossing appeal that leaves you coming back for more. After hearing it the first time, you’re bound to want to replay the record. The repeated listens of this lifting single with a mellow and sweet substantial texture surrounding it, is great for transforming your mood into a complete 360. The way CVSH CAPRI took his voice from sonorous to dulcet showcased the amount of skill he has as a vocalist. “Infatuated” was a passionate R&B song that weaves between generations with a wavy Toronto flare.

Listen to “Infatuated” here and be sure to connect with CVSH CAPRI on social media!




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