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CXLOE Explores Emotional Wear And Tear In New Single, “Stretch”

Singer-songwriter and eclectic pop songstress CXLOE wants to know what her lover is made of, wondering if they're resilient enough to withstand emotional wear and tear in her latest single, "Stretch."

CXLOE is ending the year with a bang. Her previous two singles, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" and "Cheating on Myself," received critical acclaim while climbing the spots on Triple J, reaching #1 and #5, respectively. Having been featured in Rolling Stone AU&NZ Women in Music Issue and back-to-back nominations for the Rolling Stones Reachers Choice Award, CXLOE's career is just getting started.

She continues the momentum with her latest powerful single, "Stretch," written for her fiancé after he proposed. CXLOE sees it as a "final plea and desire for reassurance that when tested, he'll be able to reach deep into my thoughts and emotions to try and understand me." For anyone who feels like they struggle with emotional volatility and require rock-solid support, this one's for you.

"Stretch" starts with moody, watered-down guitars and plucky background synths that lead into the personal, atmospheric verse alongside CXLOE's breathy and delicate vocals. While accepting the tumultuous nature of her emotions, CXLOE leads us to the anticipation-packed pre-hook while asking grave questions of whether he can bounce back after being emotionally stretched out.

The blend of vibrant electronic production and rhythmic pop percussion paired with CXLOE's chilling vocals make this track irresistible. CXLOE's genuine portrayal of vulnerability is refreshing; she has no problem conveying her message while offering listeners a piece they can relate to. It's a top-tier song from a top-tier artist, and we urge you to hear it for yourself.

Is your partner capable of bouncing back from emotional hardship? Let them hear CXLOE's new track, "Stretch," and find out. Hear it on all digital streaming platforms.



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