D’Auria and His Many Musical Highlights of 2020

The Los-Angeles based Producer, Songwriter, and DJ, D'Auria bids adieu to 2020 and the many musical endeavors he's released this year.

Describing his sound as melodic and progressive Deep House, we're nothing but excited to take a trip down 2020's memory lane with the groovy DJ himself.

A few high notes of D'Auria's year are his collaborations with Ruby Shabazz, producing her singles "Light of the Moon" and "Energy." Not to mention garnering the attention of Twitch streamer Spaceyacht through his EP 'Dawn,' D'Auria also released four music videos for the EP and a mesmerizing single titled "Resonate," which continues to attract the attention of listeners everywhere.

Regarding the bouncy and flavored track, "Resonate," D'Auria mentioned that he wanted to create somewhat of a chill vibe while also being heavy enough to get played around clubs. Although his songs don't feature any vocalists or lyricism, D'Auria is able to deliver melodies that linger in the listener's mind long after. "Resonate" was later accompanied by three other ambient Deep House tunes for the release of D'Auria's EP, 'Dawn.'

The EP, "Dawn," consists of four tracks, but D'Auria mentioned that a few of his fellow Producers advised him to shorten some tunes. After trimming his previous tracks "Overcast" and "Resonate," D'Auria placed the two songs as interludes within the EP, evening out the tone and feel perfect. With his favorite track off the EP being '230Am,' D'Auria is sure that his tunes will be up and running in the clubs as soon as possible.

Be sure to come back in 2021 and experience the fresh, new, and modern stylings of D'Auria's melodic and progressive Deep House, especially as he prepares himself for more powerhouse projects in the future.

Hello D'Auria and welcome back to BuzzMusic. If you could take one thing away from 2020, musically or personally, what would it be?

2020 has been a very productive year for me because I have focused more on my productions in the studio and really want to make good quality house music. I have really found myself as a producer and the direction I want to take this.

During the bizarre and unusual year we've experienced, how did you keep yourself busy and entertained?

Just really been working on new music and trying new things out. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone so to speak with this new project I am working on.

Speaking on your biggest release of the year being your EP, "Dawn," have you seen much success or attention after its release?

YES! With my EP ‘dawn.’ I have noticed that people gravitate more to big projects rather than singles. I most definitely want to keep making EPs and maybe even a full-length LP in due time of course.

Seeing as many artists weren't allowed the opportunity to achieve their strongest desires, what would you say your most significant achievement of 2020 was?

Oh man, too many to count. But for me, the biggest achievement of this year has been being able to collaborate with quite a few vocalists this year. It is incredible seeing your art being meshed together with someone else’s art and bringing your songs to life. That has been the most rewarding feeling to me.

When creating your singles "Resonate" and "Overcast" this year, did you find yourself lacking inspiration? Or the opposite?

The opposite for sure! Just because both records came out of me so naturally. I had such a fun time making them and they were probably some of my quickest productions from start to finish.

We've noticed that you've also done a couple of collaborations this year. How was your collaborative experience affected by our stay-at-home order?

THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET. It wasn’t affected at all just because we can utilize email and other ways to send each other files. It has really blown my mind how great the internet truly is. Being able to collaborate with Ruby Shabazz this year has been amazing! She reached out to me via Instagram and she lives in the Boston area so my only option was to email her demos. And we ended up making two records together! 3rd one on the way soon.

Should we expect more ambient and melodic House tunes from you in 2021? Are you currently working on anything to be released next year?

YES definitely expect more of that D’Auria Sound next year. And YES I am working on something BIG. Just want to say a huge thank you so much to BuzzMusic for chatting with me again, and thank you to my fans for supporting me, it means a lot.