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D’NME Gives Being Real a New Meaning With His New Single “Untouchable”

Coming in hot from Toronto, Canada, rapper D'NME serves us nothing but confidence with his latest single "Untouchable." From his mixtape's in the early 2000s, D'NME has worked with countless artists/producers to grow his sound. Becoming the first Canadian rapper in history to receive "Freestyle of the Week" on the DogHouse radio show in the Bronx, NY, it's clear that there's no stopping the freight train that is D'NME. His latest blistering track "Untouchable" emphasizes how untouchable D'NME is through his beaming confidence and self-assured tone. He provides production that triggers nostalgic beats from the early rap days, yet tying it all perfectly together with D'NME's ability to ride and flow with the limitless rhythm. Opening with a filtered old school rap beat, "Untouchable" gives us those serious and timeless vibes right from the jump. As D'NME begins rapping, we're pulled directly into his cerebral and mind-bending flow with many double meanings and unpredictable turns. His bright and bold voice lets us hear and take in every single rhyme he's written, as D'NME holds nothing back when expressing his inner monologue. He spits nothing but scorching flames through bars of not letting the fakes get to him and looking past fundamental ignorance. Reaching the catchy hook, the production on "Untouchable" ties in modern aspects of dark and intense backgrounded synths and a hard-hitting kick. D'NME has written an incredibly bold and relentless track with "Untouchable," and it's a timeless one.

You can listen to "Untouchable" here.



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