D.O.L.O. Is Proud To Be, "Addicted To Hustlin'"

Atlanta's very own skilled lyricist, rapper, and songwriter D.O.L.O. returns and shows us what it's like when you're "Addicted To Hustlin'" through a new music video.

D.O.L.O. first started his career under the alias Superman back in middle school. After years of freestyling with his friends and battling the older emcees on the bus, he met his newfound brothers Amarri E and Ja and created the collective, Enfamous Familia. Now, D.O.L.O., alongside the Enfamous Familia, continues to push forward with innovating sounds to revolutionize the industry.

Recently slapping our speakers was D.O.L.O.'s newest single, "Addicted To Huslin'," and the song's equally exciting music offers some detailed behind-the-scenes footage of the Atlanta recording artist on the grind. Directed by KHEBA and shot/edited by A Real Demigod, the video features all the determination and composure D.O.L.O.'s decades-long career has presented.

Diving even further into the new music video for "Addicted To Hustlin'," the scene sets with D.O.L.O. plunking down in the studio, unloading the mason jars packed with loud and lighting a blunt while preparing for action. The studio's neon LED lights perfectly set the late-night grind vibe, not to mention a few of D.O.L.O.'s team members hashing out business.

D.O.L.O.'s vocal and visual performance offers this composed and self-assured energy, not cocky, which is pretty hard to come by in modern hip-hop. Circling back to the music video, D.O.L.O. closes the experience through scenes of the complex creative process, bouncing ideas off his team, and keeping the hustle alive until sunrise.

Allow D.O.L.O. to give you some needed motivation with his latest single and music video for "Addicted To Hustlin'," available to watch on YouTube and stream on all digital platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, D.O.L.O. We truthfully appreciate the behind-the-scenes look at the artist grind in your new music video for "Addicted To Hustlin'." So what inspired you to write a song about your love for the hustle?

Thanks for having me back! It's always love, most definitely.... but I have always had a knack for selling things from a young age. I always needed a way to keep some type of money in my pocket. Whether it came from cleaning, detailing cars, selling cars, clothes, shoes, and now music, I always had the drive to have some type of hustle about myself. So I just decided to finally make a song about it.

Did you produce "Addicted To Hustlin'" yourself? What sort of overall feel and atmosphere did you want to provide through the song's production?

Actually, MikeyTussin produced "Addicted To Hustling," a major shout-out to him for real. You know, when I hear a new work of production from the producer I'm working with, I try to take in what they felt when they created the beat. I look at the title of the beat itself and try to connect the song I'm going to put on it together with the feel of it, so it lays together well. I want to kind of tell stories but in a new kind of way, if that makes sense.

Why did you feel that shooting the song's music video in your studio was a good fit for the overall concept? How does the music video reflect the song itself, "Addicted To Hustlin'"?

The studio is where a lot of my motion took place for the majority of my life. It's how I came to know certain people and certain things. The studio was basically the catalyst for my hustle mentality, so to speak. I already had it ingrained in my pedigree, I just had to find my own lane, and for the video, I wanted to base the setting on where my hustle game elevated.

What was it like working with director K.H.E.B.A. and videographer/editor A Real Demigod for "Addicted To Hustlin'"? How did they help capture your ideas and visions?

K.H.E.B.A. and arealdemigod are masters at what they do! They know how to take the vision you have within the song and really expound on those concepts to bring them to video form. With the visual, it's all about connecting the concepts and having a thought-out sequence to your scenes. It's the only way you're going to have people interested in what you have going on for the entire video or for at least most of it, you know..?

If there's one thing, you wanted viewers and listeners to take away from "Addicted To Hustlin'," what would that be?

If you watch the "Addicted to Hustling" video, you're sure to catch the subtle signs of what E.F.M.G. has going on and what is in store for years to come. We are making great music, pumping merchandise, making profits, and living our lives while doing it, simply.

What's next for you?

The next venture for me is working on my debut album, shooting more videos for "On A Run," make sure you'll go get that (), and working on the "Family Affair" Concert Series, which is coming up soon. So I plan to be pretty busy for the next year or so getting all of those things together and expanding the brand, so be sure to stay locked in on the progress and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest video content!