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Da'Ante Battles His Thoughts and Experiences in "Demon"

Unpacking trauma through the daring act of being vulnerable, there is a strength within Da’Ante that he wants his listeners to feel. Grateful for the fan base that he has garnered while fulfilling his passion for the arts, the LGBTQ+ artist has a courageous message laced into his latest single “Demon.”

Always one to navigate the paths of life alone, Da’Ante exudes a bold expression of intimacy throughout his meaningful single “Demon.” In this cry for help, you hear the emotion that overpours from such a grippingly raw display of melodically charged passion. Delving into a perspective that dwindles on a narrative authentic to Da’Ante, this song radiates lyrical motifs that reflect on internal demons and silent battles fought.

With instrumentation that forms a seamless blend of elusively flowing energy, the almost ethereal projection of Da’Ante’s unapologetic timbres glides through this arrangement like butter. Straight from the source of the inner workings that happen within Da’Ante’s mind, the subject matter embraces the journey although he touches on emotions that are personal and hard to face. Lacing an irrefutable beauty in the perseverance that Da’Ante effortlessly showcases, this song has us transported to an empathetic state that greets the finer sentiments addressed.

Merely a starting point for his testimony, the rebirth that Da’Ante asks for is reciprocated in a way that sees him elevating to newfound heights. “Demon,” is a refreshing embodiment of authenticity that has us hooked on what Da’Ante has in store for us with his future releases to come.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Da'Ante. The passion that you bear in “Demon” has us awestruck. Is there a specific moment that inspired you to take these thoughts and craft them into a song?

Thank you so much! It’s one of the deepest thought-provoking songs I’ve written. A moment that really got me thinking was getting covid and being trapped in my apartment for 2 whole weeks. In that time I did a lot of unpacking within myself. Going back to my childhood trauma, past relationships, and friendships, me growing up gay and in the church, basically how everything I’ve gone through up to 24-year-old me has impacted or shaped me for better and for worse. I felt alone out here in LA all the way from Kentucky with no family just me. Reflecting on everything. My song “demon” is about the struggle between staying with the light and the dark, heaven and hell, God and the Devil. Throughout my life I have always run from religion because growing up gay I felt condemned. I’d cry in my closet praying god to take the gay away and make me normal. Wanting to be like other boys. Eventually, I just turned away from him. Understanding how it wasn’t him it was people. Their own inner demons telling them to hate me just so I can go down this dark path. Which I did I rebelled and let so many things happen to me that shouldn’t have all because of this void of love that I was trying to find. True acceptance. Even with all the “living my best life” moments I still felt unfulfilled. In college my best friend asked me to go to church with her I was not having it but I did anyway. Late I got in and he stopped me and said come to the front. I walked up and he put his hand in my head and spoke “You are going to have to make a choice to lead or be lead” that stuck with me till this day I cried in the middle and felt something I’ve never felt before. Had that similar moment here at pride weekend. I go out for the first time in forever and look around me as I’m dancing drinking and I have this epiphany as I looked around I saw a bunch of people like me running from something filling it with something else. Broken. Wanting Love and getting however they could. I just felt everyone’s void as I would look around. I got the feeling this wasn’t serving me anymore the going out 24/7 or the hooking up with a different guy every week. I wanted more. Then after that, I went home I got on the side of my bed and just prayed. The longest prayer I have ever prayed. I was crying and just confessing everything. Then the spiritual warfare crept in. The following week It was a fight for my soul I had stepped out of the path the demon in my ear had to lead me on and was shedding that & in a dream turn nightmare I heard “hell knew my name”. That dream prompted the song! Listen to it now with that in mind and the story plays out!

Did you find it fairly easy or more difficult to be as vulnerable as you were during the creation process? Could you please share a glimpse of what this entailed?

I felt it more difficult only because I didn’t know and still don’t know how this story I’m telling will be perceived. I’m exposing myself to criticism that cripples a person. I’m a gay man questioning being gay for what being gay is now. The sex, lies, drugs, loneliness, and discrimination within another minority group. Also being on a walk with God asking him to take away all my inequalities if they do not serve me. I’m asking for healing from the source. When many people don’t believe or are scared to because it forces them to potentially be wrong on anything they feel or think they know. I wrote this song as a cry for help to god with all the sins I’ve committed and having the demon in my ear tell me lies that I’ve been listening to all this time that hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I’m asking got to allow me to shed so I can be “Reborn” to lead.

Compared to the previously released single ‘Loving You,’ what are some similarities and differences between bringing these visions to life?

I would say they are alike and the same. They both tell a story about Love. “Loving you” was about a toxic relationship that I allowed myself to stay in because I felt validated in it. “Demon” is about a sacrificial love I’m asking God to give me after countless times of me turning my back on him and not throwing respect on his name but allowing the devil to lead me down dark paths.

What is the main message that you hope to send out with the music you create?

The main message with my music now and future to come is to tell your story no matter how it looks or how it sounds because no one can take your story away from you. That’s the one thing we have. I want to inspire authentic vulnerability and ask the questions we as humans don’t like to ask or are too afraid to do so. I think we lack human connection because there is so much fakeness going on in the world and we aren’t deeply connecting because were not telling our actual stories to connect with the people God has designed us to touch. We’re so focused on trying to impress and be liked but for the wrong reasons to love and help people. Everyone has a light that God instilled in them everything in this world was designed to dim them it's our job to protect it and allow it to shine even in the dark places to never let it dim. I think it’s time we start talking about the spiritual world and acknowledging life after and understanding angels and demons do exist. That there is so much to be seen but we’re are distracted and blinded we can’t see the unseen. I want my music to expose my journey and process because I believe one day my story will be somebody else’s survival guide. I’d say “God to god as a blank slate with no prejudgements or thoughts just go to him the way you are with your questions with your doubts and allow him to answer and change your broken heart” I did!

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