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Daeyon Releases One Of The Most Intriguing Songs We've Heard To Date: “Wild Out”

Daeyon is an Indian music producer, composer, and Rnb Singer. Born and raised in New Dehli, he began to pursue the career of footwear designing, but he dropped out in between to focus on music production as he’s always been in music. Self-Taught instrumentalist, he began to teach himself the Piano at a young age. He started writing songs when he was in his 8th standard and then gradually moved on to composing and producing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) when he reached the 10th standard. Now a skilled composer, he has a set of songs that’s currently released on platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube.

His debut song “Wild Out” is out now, and we went ahead and listened to this ebullient record and was impressed by many aspects of it. New emotions are discovered with each subsequent listen of the song and that’s a quality trait to have. Daeyon reinvents the style of EDM with a fused together flare of hip-hop and rap. The flow had significant amount of transitions in tempo from fast to medium, showing off a more versatile dimension to his delivery. Daeyon curates a musical experience and abducts his listeners inside the realm of his stratospheric music. The finely-calibrated beat was a representation of the high caliber Daeyon production skills are at. This brilliant record can create a shock factor for the EDM lovers with its intricate layers yet become digestible for the culture of hip-hop since it’s so idiosyncratic.

How has growing up in New Delhi affect your music style in any way?

The influence of west is more prominent in the capital. The originality of that music made me to believe.

Do you have any musical influences who you think played a major role in the branding of your artistry today?

Musical Influences who played role are Usher, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson.

Tell us about “Wild Out” and the meaning behind the song!

It is the song which states a mind with never ending hustle. A listener can relate various situations in life through down the lyrics. Alan wrote the story, in the chorus and bridge, Me and my brother "Invincble" tells about the mindset we possess.

What do you find the most challenging aspect of your career?

The challenge would be to do justice and stay positive not just in my career, but through out my life.

What can your fans anticipate from you for future releases?

The fans can anticipate the unexpected, because I'm pretty sure every release is going to surprise them and it will be different.


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