DAKOSTA Gives a Vivid and Thought-Provoking Delivery With New Album 'Order Out Of Chaos'

Eccentric Pop artist DAKOSTA has recently debuted his album 'Order Out of Chaos', which features his truly eclectic pop styling. As an artist who hails from Seattle, WA, DAKOSTA has always found himself reluctant to express his inner thoughts and feelings. Once the music materialized, his ability to express himself became easier. It's difficult to call DAKOSTA's style strictly Pop because he's an immersive artist who prefers to demonstrate a versatile side of Pop music. DAKOSTA integrates a range of genre elements within his tracks, and his music is truly a refreshing perspective. He adds an array of R&B, EDM, Industrial, and Classical sounds in order to create both energy and sound that is eccentric.  In these ways, he breaks genre expectations. The more integral part of his album is the attention given to messages and themes.

"Order Out of Chaos" begins with the spoken-word track, "Fools". This song sets up the atmosphere that DAKOSTA has designed.  Almost immediately we are exposed to "War".  In this song, DAKOSTA offers a melodramatic vocal performance combined with an exasperated production. The particular production within "War" undoubtedly accentuates drama.  His vocalizing and overall tone makes the overall track incredibly climactic.  “Questions” provides an energetic environment. DAKOSTA dives deep into his personal thoughts while offering energetically intensified ambiance with the heavy EDM-style integration. DAKOSTA also uses "Questions" to bring about some politically-driven and thought-provoking lyrics.

"Not Righteous" is one specific song on DAKOSTA's album that offers a riveting and mind/body sensation. In this song, DAKOSTA impresses with his ability to effectively communicate important messages. We are treated to a more mellow listening experience with DAKOSTA's song, “Bad". The chosen blend of synths brings an eerie vibe, and DAKOSTA makes the listening experience incredibly mystic and almost haunting. Lyrically, DAKOSTA delves into deeper and darker themes. "Nihilism" maintains this same kind of energy.  Production is created in order to stimulate a more dark and otherwordly atmosphere. As we move onto the 7th track of DAKOSTA's album, titled "Healthy", we noticed a suspenseful introduction shortly broken by DAKOSTA’s vocals. "Healthy" brings a unique perspective.  He explores integral themes such as addiction, mental health, and destructive behavior. The production of "Healthy" matches the content of the song.

The next stream of tracks, "Do That", "Phoenix", "Happy", and "I Am" all provide a sense of self-worth.  DAKOSTA urges a surge of confidence for his listeners. "Do That" maintains that staple melancholic energy that DAKOSTA's production entails.  "Phoenix" incorporates divergent style from the other productional soundings of the album. "Happy" follows suit with flourishing in a diversified productional atmosphere.  We found that DAKOSTA held more of a lighter tone in this particular track. "I Am" reverts to DAKOSTA's roots, and offers a visionary listening experience. DAKOSTA brings a sense of flair to "I Am" by changing his vocal performance.  These changes bring a refreshing aspect to this album.  These collections pave the way for positive messages to be received by listeners.  DAKOSTA communicates uplifting and inspirational messages through these songs.

The next, and last three tracks "Order Out of Chaos" sees is "6:19 Pm", "Rebirth", and "When Love Burns" outline DAKOSTA’s vivid rejuvenating perspective. He delves into the appreciation he has for all life.  He describes how one is able to reshape their own mindset in order to grow and flourish. These are the themes we appreciate.  No matter what track, DAKOSTA always has an integral and positive message to explore and communicate. This makes “Order Out of Chaos" a stimulating album. We felt refreshed at the end of DAKOSTA's album.

Check out DAKOSTA's album "Order Out of Chaos" below.

Welcome, DAKOSTA. Congratulations on the release of "Order Out of Chaos." As a 14-track album, "Order Out of Chaos" sees a vast array of production stylings, as well as significant messages being communicated to all listeners. How did you feel creating an album that holds so many different messages, each holding its own importance?

I feel that my job and my calling as a pop artist is to write and make music that listeners can use in their own lives to empower themselves, face themselves, and ultimately free themselves. I also feel, as an artist who is both African American and gay, that it is my personal duty to speak truth to powers that aim to destroy my people. the concept of the album was always to have a narrative that starts off in the dark and takes the listener on a journey into the light. but then trump happened and the concept took on a deeper, more urgent and purposeful meaning. besides that I have to give credit to Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814, Madonna's Ray of Light, Gaga's Born This Way, and Rihanna's Rated R. without those four albums I wouldn't have had blueprints to follow for making this type of pop album.

As an artist who originally found it difficult to express themselves, "Order Out of Chaos" is quite the expressive mix! Can you share with our readers more on your personal experience with music as a means to communicate your inner thoughts and feelings?

Well, I've always been a pretty expressive person since I was in high school. I was always super shy about my voice and just singing in front of people in general. but as an adult, with the help of my friends and my family, I said 'f*** it, I'm making music'. songwriting though has never been a place where I hold back what I feel. writing out my truth and speaking my mind is why I started writing songs in the first place. just wanted to throw that in there. but I never expected a large amount of freedom, personal power, confidence, self-love, high-self esteem, and joy that recording and singing songs I wrote would give me. it's the greatest form of therapy as well, I definitely think that everyone should start recording just to let their inner bullshit out.

Which track off of "Order Out of Chaos" holds the most important for you lyric-wise? Are you able to dive deeper into the creative aspect of this song, and the process that went along with expressing such a theme?

Healthy for sure. That was a song I wrote about someone who was in my life. he had a mental breakdown and developed schizophrenia. Fortunately, he is off the streets, off drugs, and safe. This track is pretty much a drug intervention. it was hard to make though because I'm not an instrumentalist at heart and I don't play the piano. So there were a lot of late nights in bed with my laptop (I used the keyboard that was on the laptop) and headphones piecing Healthy together. The outro was inspired by the music in Lana del Rey's outro for her "Freak" video (the scene when everyone's swimming).

How do you feel the crowd resonates with the messages you express in your songs? What's the overall energy in your crowds like, and do you feel comfortable being on stage and expressing yourself and your vulnerabilities explicitly? 

I've never performed at a venue before. I'm very much so looking forward to doing it in the near future. The times in my life where I've performed have been quite scattered. For instance, I haven't performed since 2017, before that 2011, before then, '04 lol. but in 2017 I performed 6 times (3 times at my Edmonds community college and 3 times at a spoken word open mic). singing was a bit easier because I've been practicing with my vocal class and the songs I sang were classical/traditional songs for the most part. those words were not mine, that's why I think it wasn't as nerve-racking even though it was a larger crowd. but with the spoken word I read three of the tracks from order out of chaos (fools, bad, questions). I don't even remember all of it because I was so nervous and had so much adrenaline each time from speaking my own material on stage, even though the crowds were smaller. the energy of both crowds though was quite welcoming because at the college and at the open mic the idea and the point was for everyone to be supportive.

Considering the eclectic mix of themes that "Order Out of Chaos" saw, are you planning on expressing similar or newfound themes in your next work?

Well, making songs, and albums, that really mean something, will always and forever be my aim. period. but to answer your question more directly, I am working on something special that is attached to order out of chaos. and come mid to late July I will be back to tell you and your readers every aspect of its creation.