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Dalia Lily Debuts Her Emotionally Moving Single, "Hear Me"

Virginian-born artist Dalia Lily has a powerful voice and mind to share with pop-inspired listeners. Involving herself with music and melodies ever since the young age of 6, Dalia Lily has always had an intuition that the music world was one meant for her to explore.

By the age of 13, Dalia Lily had already composed an instrumental album that granted her a variety of awards. Today, Dalia Lily continues her quest in advancing her musical career by debuting her personalized, heartfelt song, "Hear Me."

Dalia Lily is quite particular with her vocal nuances in "Hear Me," as she maintains a low-toned vocal pitch for the majority of the song. The chorus is really where she explores her vocal range and offers higher-pitched melodies to bring on an affecting performance.

A smooth collection of various instrumentals make up the production, and particular combinations, such as integrating the violin with contemporary synths, bring on a refreshing style of sound. Lyrically, "Hear Me" is Dalia Lily's way to express her personal thoughts surrounding her strong mindset. A more clarifying understanding of Dalia Lily's mind gets put forth, and ultimately "Hear Me" is established to be an ambient, mood-affecting tune.

"Hear Me," is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dalia Lily. You have successfully released your impassioned single, "Hear Me." How does it feel? Did you receive the response you were hoping for and/or looking for? It feels amazing to share something with the world that feels so much like myself and has great meaning to me. The blend of orchestral and pop elements, and details in the arrangement, such as the vocalizations, harmonies, and complementary lines tie in so much of what influences me musically. The general response has been that the song and meaning are powerful and moving. That was my exact hope with this song. What kind of creative approach did you use for the generation of "Hear Me?"

I wrote this song in 2019 when witnessing the social media response to some issues occurring in Sudan. Everyone was posting blue squares on Instagram in solidarity and after a week, the chatter on the matter died down. This happens constantly with almost every social issue today. This inspired me to write a song from the perspective of those crying out for help and watching their message disappear as the world turns a blind eye. I created it with just my voice and the piano. Stripped down, it sounded quite repetitive and simple, but I envisioned a powerful orchestration with a great build. I wanted a big sound that couldn’t go unnoticed, just as the message of the song. My producer and I filled the song with many layers of instruments for a rich and large sound. However, we also used my voice as an instrument to fill in open spaces with vocalizations, in addition to multiple layers of harmonies for a greater impact. I also used my voice as an instrument to illustrate the fact that the voices of the victims of social injustice need to be amplified. I used power in my voice to show that change starts with powerful voices. If there was an ultimate message for listeners to take away with "Hear Me," which were you hoping it would be?

Social injustices are issues of Humanity and not just politics. It should not be hard to recognize when people are being mistreated, and those situations should not be tolerated. Social injustices have occurred repeatedly throughout human history. It is essential to have constant calls for action to solve these problems.

With "Hear Me" being released, do you have any plans for future music, and if so, will future music adhere to the same style that was used within "Hear Me?"

I’m excited that I will be releasing some more music soon! I am employing other genres, but I am threading them together and making them my own with elements that are expressive of me. Expect lots of harmonies and toying with vocals, some middle eastern and Latin flairs, and lots of layering!

What's next for you?

I will continue to explore my craft, learn and release more music that will hopefully capture and express the feelings of my listeners. Also, I would love to pursue more live performances and collaborations with different artists. I will keep creating and I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way!


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