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Damian Sage Releases The Gritty Record “Cold Blood”

“I sing for the lost souls, the hopeless, the castaways, the misunderstood, the sad, the angry. Because I am them and they are me. That’s why I sing.” – Damian Sage

Damian Sage released his single titled “Cold Blood”, the badass record with lots of twang and southern grit mixed with edgy rock n roll elements. “Cold Blood” begins with electrifying guitar chords before Damian’s solid voice material elevates you into the music. The raspy rough material around a solid foundation to deliver a charming tone could be the adjective to describe the voice of Damian. Based out of Los Angeles, and a native of New York, Damian is influenced by his personal experience and it’s the reason why his music is so propelling due to its authenticity and rawness behind it. His inversive lyricism and catchy hook is going to draw listeners in no doubt. My favorite part about the song is the hook due to the melody. I like how tinted the canorous sound of the vocals sound. However, my second favorite component of “Cold Blood” is the delinquency the lyrics holds. You can tell by listening that Damian Sage is careless and stays true to his bonafide character and it’s highly noticeable in the music he puts out. “Cold Blood” by Damian transformed me into a new fan of his and I’m anticipating his next release!

Listen to "Cold Blood" here, and learn more about Damian in our interview below!

Between both of your environments Los Angeles and New York, which has been your personal favorite place to reside in and why?

That’s a tough question, they are so different. I love the energy of New York. I love the directness of people there, and the friends I have in NY are lifelong. Because I grew up there it will always be special to me. Los Angeles has been great in a lot of ways. One, as a kid in New York, I always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles. Some of my favorite artists got their start here. If I hadn’t moved to LA, I would have never met my manager, Vicky Hamilton. There’s a great community of musicians here that support one another. We attend each other’s shows, and I have made some good friends along the way. I guess I can’t pick a favorite, both have their own qualities.

How would you personally describe your music style?

I’d say contemporary alternative rock by a singer/songwriter. I tend to be on the darker side. I write about things I’ve gone through for the most part, or things I notice and think about. I’m real if nothing else. 

“Cold Blood” is an amazing song! What was your inspiration behind it?

Thank you, I really appreciate that. I’ve battled depression my whole life. Addiction for parts as well. I had that first line of the verse in my head for months before completing the song. I know a lot of other people go through these things as well, and I wanted to write it in a way that people know they aren’t alone. Sometimes with depression and addiction, all you feel is that you’re alone. These things can be a daily battle, but a battle that can be won, never give up. 

Have you had the chance to perform live yet? If so, what’s your favorite moment about it?

I’ve performed live since I was a young teen. Whether in bands, or solo. I love performing. The feeling you get when connecting with a live audience is like nothing else.


How do you plan on elevating your next single from this one?

There’s a couple songs in the running. Each are about a different topic. The one I have in mind is about a lot of the things going on in our world. From violence to hypocrisy, to this wave of anger and negativity. All you do have to do is look in any comment section. I don’t feel it’s helping anything. Nothing positive gets accomplished by putting each other down.


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