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Damien Musto Touches Your Heart With The Powerfully Emotion-Evoking “Cry For Help”

The New Jersey-based musician utilizes transparent lyricism to bring you this tune that speaks to your soul.

In a world that has seen more than its fair share of talent but not necessarily diligence, Damien Musto emerged as a singer-songwriter who embodies both. Striving to embody the ethos of the “Work hard, play hard” rock n’ roll mentality, his dedication to his craft has earned him a dedicated fan base, captivating thousands with his honest lyricism and dedication to rock n’ roll.

Currently touring with rock band OURS, Musto has been hard at work rocking the stage and captivating audiences, and the future looks incredibly bright as he blazes his trail in the rock n’ roll music scene.

One of the highlights of Musto's early career was performing as the guitarist for Small A.m., a band signed to the NJ record label Childlike Records and Hey Tiger. As he rocked out venues nightly, he diligently honed his craft. He perfected his live performances, capping off his run with a magical performance opening for Bon Jovi at Metlife Stadium.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Musto has been busier than ever since restrictions eased. He secured a coveted slot as the opening act for the respected rock band OURS on two of their U.S. tours, and he’s also been earnestly working on his debut solo EP, with Jimmy Gnecco from OURS taking on the producer role.

“Cry For Help” emerged during intense heartbreak when Musto felt emotionally empty and alone, searching for answers. The chorus chords and the lyric “completely invisible” came to him spontaneously, and he knew he had something special. Over sombre instrumentals led by a melancholic yet captivating guitar, lyrics like “Completely invisible, tears in my eyes / cry for help” and “Make it go away, pain in my heart / cry for help” feel like they grip your soul, making for a breathtaking performance.

Musto's latest single, “Cry For Help,” is his heartfelt and visceral release. Whenever you’re ready, bust the tissues out and stream Damien Musto’s new single, “Cry For Help,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Damien Musto! “Cry For Help” is a touching and beautifully crafted piece of music! You mentioned that the song came to you during a heartbreak. Was the writing process a healing experience for you?

I tend to be a bit introverted, so writing music is a great way to express myself. It feels safe to me because it’s in a song. The song is about heartbreak but also about feeling invisible while going through a difficult situation, which I realize is on me because I am introverted. That being said, I feel others can get something from “Cry For Help,” knowing they are not alone and we all feel invisible sometimes, but it will be ok. As an artist, when do you find yourself most "in the zone" creatively?

Good question; typically, while at a mall or riding a bike, I zone out. The next thing I know, I devise an idea without trying to and record it on my phone. Also, I’m at my studio every day, so I'm able to work anytime I want on different ideas. The best ideas usually come up when I pick a guitar and play without thinking about anything. Do you have a particular favorite music-related memory over the last five years?

The last 5 years have been great; I’ve worked with many great people on multiple projects, which have all been positive and rewarding. Being able to work on my material, though, has been extremely rewarding as I always wanted to do it but never did until I finally permitted myself and just let go. How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I have 2 songs out now, one of them called “Open Up Your Heart,” which is guitar driven and anthemic. “Cry For Help” is extremely intimate, vulnerable, and sparse, almost 2 different worlds. I also have an acoustic version of “Open Up Your Heart” coming out in a few weeks, which is a bit stripped down but with beautiful strings while maintaining that anthemic feel. Additionally, what do you want to achieve with your music?

Since I permitted myself to work on my material, the floodgates have opened; I want it all! Touring, licensing, just getting my music out there, being able to connect with people and hopefully help them feel something and get something positive out of it. Your tour with OURS must be a blast! What's it been like opening for them?

It’s been great, it’s my second tour opening for them and each time it gets better. They are a great band and a great group of musicians that I’m honored to be able to call my friends. We all have a blast, travel together, and watch out for one another. It’s been great. What’s next? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Yes, I have the acoustic version of my “Open Up Your Heart” single coming out on June 16th. I’ve also been tracking a bunch more but had to take a break while on tour. I look forward to returning to the studio after this tour and expect to hear new music soon. Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I would ask anyone reading this to follow me on Spotify, and Apple Music, follow my IG page, and thanks for listening!!


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