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Damier Legato Explains How He Once Was A, “21 Savage”

Damier Legato aka “GT damier," originally from Columbus, Ohio. Damier was previously signed to DefJams Music Entertainment Group “Ova500 Music Group,” after which creating his very own record label GangTiez. Damier is known for his catchy melodies and his fluidness with his artistic creations.

As we dive into the track, Damier provides airy background vocals that complement the instrumental to take us to a place where inhibitions drop and the vibes take over your body as you sway to the beat. Damier displays lyrical brilliance as he explains to the listener how he has persevered over everything else to survive and succeed, describing himself once as 21 and savage. "21 Savage" exudes a fresh, crisp, hip-hop sound- a sound that hip-hop fans have been craving. Damier unleashes his organic, freestyling lyrics as he flows from chorus to verse seamlessly.

Letting down his savage guard, Damier shows his vulnerable side as he reminisces about his younger years, not quite the average kid or teenager, Damier endured situations that put him in positions of vulnerability, but it was the situations he faced and conquered that made him the strong, go-getter person he is today.

Damier is an artist with the tenacity to go out and grab what he, and he's certainly grabbed our attention with "21 Savage." Find out for yourself today and stream Damier's "21 Savage" today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic GT Damier! We're so excited to have you with us today. We love your single "21 Savage" and your hard-hitting bars, what sparked the idea to write such a motivational and moving record about yourself? I felt it would be a great metaphoric idea to use “21” being the age I was and “savage” being the person I was. I was conflicted n heavy in the streets acting badly back when I was 21.

In "21 Savage" the vibe and lyrics suit the production perfectly, were there any challenges you faced when piecing it all together? No challenges, it's one of those songs that just naturally came to me, and those, seem to be easy and fun to do.

Growing up in Ohio, how did that affect your sound and your approach to music in general?

I don't really have a set sound or sound like im from Ohio and I've been alot places growing up that influenced my music like Toledo I was born and lived out with my granny and saw my first drug deal in front of her house because she lived on the corner of the street that led to a park so there used to be traffic like clockwork. I and my brothers use to challenge all the homies in the neighborhood because my granny had a basketball hoop in front so we would run the court that's how everybody knew me by hoopin first. The line I say is "14-21 I was a savage, Ii was either ballin’ or had a bad b****. " Everything you hear is real-life stories I’ve seen, lived through, or still am going through while growing up. Everybody cant walk in these shoes but I can show you through this culture of music. Who were the first few artists that inspired Damier Legato to 'pen' his first rhyme and which part of your music did they influence?

I'm a 90 baby so I've grown up listening to artists from Tupac, BIG, Wayne,Juvi and the hotboys, 50 Cent, Lox, Santana, Fab to artists like The Isley Brothers, Luther, Babyface, Stevie, Marvin Gaye, MJ, and Usher. All these artists made me the type of artist I am now along with the struggles growing up.

What's next for you?

I have a few interviews otw that you'll be seeing real soon with TOHIO, a few notable features coming like 2 singles with Dominican Artist, Dollie Monroe” that's the homie we make hits together. I'm the only American-based Artist with whom she has collaborated and with her talent and sex appeal, I felt it's only right to show her off in the American hip-hip culture so we're doing some big things together I can't tell you too much. I also have a big feature with RMC Mike from “ghetto boys” who are from around the way in Michigan tryna stay locked in with the midwest. Dropping that first day of summer and right after im looking to drop my summer EP then the deluxe version will be released the day of my birthday Nov. 20th. I will reveal the name of the EP the day I drop the feature with RMC Mike. Not to mention, Im running a label called Gang Tiez in which I have multiple artists dropping their singles and videos all 2022. Watch out for GANG TIEZ's own, GT Damier Legato, all year!


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