Damoni Debuts New Single, "I'm Free (Watch Me Go)"

In the short period that Southern Cali songstress Damoni has been active, she has established an extraordinary self-awareness of character and inflection in her artistic persona. In this example, it's supported when she sings with a saturated high-end register on her first single, "I'm Free (Watch Me Go)"—an uplifting anthem made with the full weight of a production lathered with dreamy vocal overlays and character. 

Here, Damoni rallies over her carry in the chorus "watch me, watch me go!" she revs, as she finds growth through her experiences, as the melody slowly morphs from a vibey R&B classic to a more vibrant electronic-pop.

Opening up through a mistifying intro and enhanced by a warm acoustic, "I'm Free (Watch Me Go)," instantly authenticates the enchanting presence behind Damoni's performance. The instrumentals gradually build forward, retrospective over her admissions of the past: "I just needed the time to grow, all I wanted is to be free, you do you, and I'll do me," she sings, buzzing. Her emotions find profound resolve in her delivery—she glides within velvety registers and a with sumptuous drift, and over a straight-edge soprano, yet she manages to sound wholly centered and remains trendy in her pursuance to become the next phenomenon in contemporary music.

Hello Damoni, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. When did music and the idea of making it your pursued career establish itself in your life?

Honestly, I didn’t start off wanting to be “famous” or a pop star or R&B singer. I have always loved singing and when I got the opportunity when I was younger to sing in front of a crowd, well I tried it. And I loved seeing people’s reactions, being surprised and happy. It wasn’t until I moved to CA to pursue acting that I started to get contacted and noticed by music professionals after performing at local venues and posting covers on YouTube. 

Can you speak more about the key takeaways you wanted to express through this track as a whole?

I guess I just wanted to express and encourage people to follow their dreams and trust that mistakes will happen. You just need to pick yourself up and keep trying. 

Do you think you have experienced any new growth as an artist through your efforts to get this single out? 

I mean yeah ALOT. This single was created about 3 years ago when I connected with Dante Santiago and Ghettro. So at that time both of us have grown and changed. 

What can we expect to see from you as you continue to build on your musical catalog? Are you centering around releasing an Extend Play sometime soon, or just shooting off singles when the time is right?

I will be releasing several more singles in 2020. Really looking forward to sharing them with everyone. My EP is anticipated to release at the end of 2020 or early 2021. 

What has been keeping you creatively inspired this year?

Well now that my single is released and I’m getting good feedback from it, it’s making me really anxious and motivated to put some more music out there to show more of what type of artist I am.