Damyon Pumps Ambition in His Listener with “Stack or Starve”

Damyon gave us a thought-provoking release of his single “Stack Or Starve”. “Stack Or Starve” begins with a motivational excerpt that sets the anticipation for the song at an all-time high. The lyrics in “Stack Or Starve” were a reflection on Damyon background and environment. You catch a glimpse of the life of those who live in urban neighborhoods and communities. The hook is sung by Joseph Bills and his intricate voice was a great addition to this emotional rap hit! The entire song pumps ambition into its listener. “Stack Or Starve” is the perfect song you can listen to while working out, driving, or when you simply need a “push”. Although the lyrics were written as a reflection of the story of Damyon, it was still highly relatable and can reach out to not only the youth but the older generations as well. Damyon is a relatable rapper with a talent that packs a punch. “Stack or Starve” was a real bonafide hip-hop record that will translate well with the old and new heads of rap. This song blends between generational trends effortlessly and still remains as a true authentic reflection on who Damyon is as an artist and individual.

You can listen to “Stack Or Starve” by Damyon here.


Can you tell us what it's like being raised and grew up in the Chicago music scene? How has this helped to shape your career?

I wouldn’t know what it’s like to start doing music in any of the major cities but in Chicago, you had 15% that wanted to be like somebody else’s right a better version and the rest of us had a sound we wanted the world to hear. This helped me because there were so many different sounds all basically under the same umbrella, it made me want to venture out it changed my approach and help me define who I am. Every artist rapped about the typical Drugs, Guns, Money, women and how they were the hardest or a killer, don’t get me wrong that is till this day the main topics, I just had to find my own route and also deliver my own message. I can’t say it was challenging it was easy creating/ delivering what I wanted to say it was hard getting recognition because it was too different to soon, but I don’t regret anything that’s what built me.

You have a lot of accomplishments under your belt. What's the highlight of 2019 for you? 

“Stack or Starve “ is my biggest highlight it came out how I wanted it and it got the reaction I didn’t expect Joseph Bills is the reason it’s the masterpiece it is 

Thank you for sharing your song "Stack Or Starve" with us. Tell us about the creation process. Did you run into any issues?

First, thank you for listening to it. “Stack Or Starve “ started while I was in school at CRAS(Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science) in Arizona, it started as a vibe turn into a beat completely done by me the beat became my theme song for several months just something to vibe to keep me pushing in this State where I knew nobody and nothing the beat itself created the Family I fell into out there that’s when I decided to turn it into a song I wanted to make it something that everybody around the world could feel, something that I term was what not just me but the world was going thru. That’s when the hook came to me like an epiphany it hit all the spots (pain, happiness, love, struggle, life) the verses came like second nature easy to infuse all that into a wordplay everybody would feel. Then came the easy option, to feature a heavy hitter to complete the puzzle, that’s when I met Joseph Bills at an event hosted by Respect The Underground when he was on stage his set (Music) made me feel how I feel when I'm creating music I had a talk with him, he introduced me to the Maxout Mob, the next day we shot a video to his track “Juice” had an after-party for it and the rest was history. Joseph Bills and the Mob became family to be a bond so strong of like-minded people it was a no brainer to put him as a feature. The hardest issue was literally our schedule we worked and did shows so linking to record was tough but once he brought me to Sun Studios and I not only heard but felt D’Angelo skills as an engineer I knew that was the time to do it and with D’Angelo’s Gift and me and Joseph Bills Talent we created this Masterpiece.

What's next for Damyon as we enter a new year?

I got a lot of things I’m working on now and millions of projects unfinished next year it’s 100% all about productivity and showing the world who I am as an Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Engineer, Man. next year is where I break off all constrictions and Unleash the Beast that is me “Damyon” watch what I tell you. “Let the Knowledge you learn help you excel at your Grind” -Damontay Overs (Damyon). “Learn it “ “Knowledge “ “Grind”.