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Dan Priddy’s “Dopamine” Is An Intoxicating, Vivacious Track For The Soul

Dan Priddy is a multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter who is coming out from the shadows to showcase his sultry and addicting sound. On June 7th, Danreleased his first official single “Dopamine” that was self-written, produced, mixed and master and is a reflection of the London-based artist. Exploring the moment you meet someone and it changes your life, to the euphoric feeling we get from dopamine being released in our brains. “It’s about the rush they give you when you’re around them and it’s set in the moment of when you’re heart is pounding and you’re about to tell them how you feel.” Explains Dan, “It’s very special to me because it’s a true situation I was in and writing the song was almost like a kind of therapy. It gives me an emotion when I listen to it which is really my goal when creating music. If other people have gone through similar emotions I had, hopefully this could be a soundtrack to that moment for them as well”. Currently Dan is collaborating with Rag’n’Bone Man, an artist who he has written and produced for before, along with being featured on Bastille’s mixtape “VS”. Dan’s musical journey is just beginning with much more music to come throughout the year and a new EP on the rise for next year.

“Dopamine” starts off with funky sounds and the start of young love story that is delivered with passionate vocals and beats that are infectious. The lyrics are packed full of metaphors and emotion that help deliver that feel-good first love vibe that can be felt through Dan’s voice. I personally love the addition of the lines “We’re high as Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury, you give me the sweetest hit of dopamine” in the chorus sections that paint a picture of the amount of euphoria that can be felt from meeting that special someone in your life. I love the tone of voice that Dan has as he really showcases his talent and ability to glide through a wide vocal range to emphasize his lyrics and draw his listener in. “Dopamine” has a beautiful collection of sounds that are vibrant and have numerous layers compiled together to create an intoxicating tune that is soothing to listen to. I find that the track is really relatable and describes the feeling of love wonderfully. In my opinion, “Dopamine” combines some classic pop stylings together with electric sounds that remind me of a blend of Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran. Put this song on repeat because the feeling that rushes over the mind and body when listen to “Dopamine” is incomparable and it is an extremely catchy tune that you will be singing over and over again.

Check out "Dopamine" here!


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