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"Dance Again" with Brandon Wade's Emotional Debut Single

Hailing from Houston, Texas, the emerging singer-songwriter and soulful artist Brandon Wade wears his heart on his sleeve with an emotional debut single, "Dance Again."

Approaching his lyric writing like a diary entry, Brandon Wade uses his introverted and observant ways to seek deeper meanings within his music. Through inspirations like Michael Jackson, Usher, Kevin Garrett, Johnnyswim, Nick Wilson, and others, Brandon Wade is able to carve his own unique and meaningful path with each release.

Finally releasing his long-awaited debut single, "Dance Again," Brandon Wade discusses the challenges and difficulties of a one-sided relationship. Overtop of the utmost soothing and comforting down-tempo instrumentation, Brandon Wade serenades us with the tender aches of his breaking heart.

Opening "Dance Again" is sweet acoustic guitar picking and lush background pads that emphasize the delicacy of a fragile heart. Listening to Brandon Wade's comforting vocal performance, his smooth melisma and vibrato immediately find a warm place to pitch camp near our hearts, especially as he begins describing the aching scenes of a one-sided relationship.

Diving deeper into Wade's vulnerable lyricism, he asks his significant other to take the necessary steps, whatever they may be, to ensure happiness once again. While the sparkling instrumentation continues to float alongside Brandon Wade's warm vocals, the song reaches this emotional climax around the bridge while easily winning us over with each delicate and soothing tone.

Don't miss out on Brandon Wade's debut single, "Dance Again," and get to know the Houston-based singer-songwriter as he beings his venture into the music industry.

We're excited to chat with you about your emotional debut single, "Dance Again." Why did you choose to release this track as your debut? How does it introduce us to who you are and the music you create?

Dance Again captures who I am as a songwriter and a singer. I love music that can be listened to passively and actively. Passively, when music just sounds beautiful and is fun or soothing to listen to, there's a simple pleasure in that as a listener. Conversely, when you can have active conversations about the meaning of the lyrics and find multiple perspectives from the words, as a writer, that's like the ultimate goal. Dance Again provides listeners with a thoughtful and somewhat different viewpoint on unsuccessful relationships. As an introduction to my music, I want people to see the way I write as reminiscent of a journal entry. I write therapeutically; to flush out my emotions and realize them, developing them as the song builds.

Was it challenging to write about the difficulties of a one-sided relationship for your single, "Dance Again?" Or was it easy to let your emotions flow through your lyricism?

The difficulty comes from having the right words to say. When relationships go bad you can be furious, you can be depressed, you can feel like it's all your fault or it's all their fault and you just sit in that and it really doesn't do good for anyone. I fully believe that sometimes relationships just do not work, though no one's fault. We're all people, we're complex beings. This means numerous variables can lead a relationship to be "successful" or not. You can be "compatible" on the outside, you can have many traits that are the same or complement each other, but if your significant other is missing that ONE trait that you need, then it'll never work. It can be small or major, it can be trivial or deathly important. It doesn't really matter. It's something that is important to you in some way and some form and you shouldn't stay with a relationship that "should work" if that one thing is still missing because it will always cause tension and eventually things are going to blow up way more than they should. I understand relationships require sacrifice and compromise, but it shouldn't mean giving up a piece of yourself. Coming from this place, Dance Again was difficult because I had to be honest with myself about hard issues. Once I began writing, however, the words did flow rather quickly for whatever reason. Like I said previously, writing is how I deal with my emotions as otherwise, I am a rather introverted person. So because of this, I typically have a lot to say about the topics I sit down to write about.

Were you accompanied by any musicians or producers when creating the soothing instrumentals for "Dance Again?"

Throughout the process of creating this song, all producing, writing, and mixing were done by myself. I did have a lot of advice and help from some musicians along the. My friend and emerging musician, Jacob Galasso (aka GALASO), was integral in pushing me to work on my own music and create a song I am proud of. The mastering engineer on the track, Theo Quayle, was beyond helpful in the process as well; giving me tips on getting the most out of my mixes. I love to soak up as much information as possible to get better at my craft and surrounding myself with people who share those goals and can help me get there.

After allowing your listeners to experience the entire emotional single, "Dance Again," how did you want them to feel?

If you're in this situation, evaluate what's best for you and/or your partner. Don't be afraid to have those hard conversations. Think about why you haven't had those talks or discussed those issues. Just think; "are you, or they, truly happy?" If not, then why? I want people to understand you shouldn't let others stand in the way of your happiness. You can't care for others if you ignore yourself. People who know me, know that I am someone who will tell you what you NEED to hear and I don't sugarcoat things, especially if it is important. In some way, perhaps my music will take the same approach; saying the hard things that you don't want to hear but inherently needed to hear. And because it is music, maybe that will soften the blow and allow these conversations to be had when needed. I also want my words to be soothing for people who weren't so lucky to hear this from someone they loved. We all deserve to love someone that is right for us; someone who can give you what you need and make you truly happy.

What's next for you?

A lot more music!! Dance Again is, hopefully, the beginning of a lot of music from Brandon Wade. I love music and I have wanted to share my own interpretations of my experiences through song for many many years now. I love singing and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Whether it is original music or covers of the amazing artists out there, you will hear much more from Brandon Wade. My favorite part of music is collaborating with artists and musicians, sharing our talents and ideas, and creating beauty from them. Music has changed my world and I want my music to one day be as influential as the artists that have inspired me!


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