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Dance Around in Smolsky’s Newest Release “Dance With Me"

Hailing BuzzMusic from New York City is the Rock / Alternative singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Smolsky. Ever since seeing Ed Sheeran performed in 2011, Smolsky has been pursing with all of his heart to turn his musical dream into a career. Smolsky has already created his own label and publisher Crazy Bitch Records and has toured across the US and EU. Now making waves as an artist, Smolsky released his high energy new single “Dance With Me” and from the first second you will be thrown into a craze. An instant takeaway from “Dance With Me” is how Smolky manages to perfectly craft an ever, so groovy rhythm that is able to make your body start moving in ways you never knew possible. Complimenting this groove is a beautifully sweet vocal performance that is full of brilliantly written melodies that will quickly be able to get stuck in your head. We are in awe from this color picture of a song, with lyrics like “1 2 3 baby dance with me” Smolsky is able to get into our heads and have us singing along by the time the second chorus hits. “Dance With Me” features a thundering but ambient drum kit, a chugging along with acoustic guitar, and then the star of the show, Smolsky’s magical voice. We cannot wait to hear what will be coming next in the future of Smolsky’s journey.  You can listen to “Dance With Me” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Smolsky! We are loving your latest release “Dance With Me”, how did you come up with the concept of wanting to get someone to dance with you? Was that the initial songwriting idea or did it come after you began building the song? Oh, thank you so much for that. That’s so sweet of you. The song really came out of left field one evening during this stay-at-home order when all I wanted to do was dance with the person I was crushing on. Who wouldn't want to have a living room dance party with their special someone? As far as building the track, the melody came fairly quickly and easily when I was writing sitting at my piano. The whole song was written almost within the hour.  Speaking of the song, we are loving the groove you created! What was the recording like for the drums and guitar? Are you able to talk to us about what that setup was like? As I mentioned, the song started out as a piano ballad, but I knew it needed more of a dance vibe to fit with its title. The drums you hear are samples from an old kit I borrowed back in New York. I flew back home to California mid-recording due to the pandemic so the rest of the instrumentation and vocals were all recorded in my childhood bedroom during my mandatory 14-day isolation period.  Coming from New York, did you ever feel that it was difficult to create the music you wanted in that city? Or did you find it easy to express yourself? How has the sound of the city influenced you? New York is a beast of her own. She can inspire you and break you down within the same moment. At first, I did have trouble readjusting from my suburban California roots. However, as soon as I recalibrated to those big city nights, my musical brain took off running. This new album is heartfelt and bombastic and the heart and soul of New York I really believe can be heard through each track.  Touring across the US and EU is quite exciting, what were some of your highlight moments in each country? How do you try to engage with the audience with every show? 

Touring and playing is one of my favorite things to do ever and I think it hurts every artist that they can’t share that art form right now because I know it kills me. A couple of highlights from my travels would be playing in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day and how much of a riot that crowd was. Another was being able to sing my song ‘Woman in Liverpool” in Liverpool as that city has created some of the best music ever recorded (Hello Beatles Fans!). 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Because of the pandemic, all live shows have been postponed for the time being but I am glad to announce I will be paired up with to bring some virtual concerts to everyone in the coming weeks. In addition to that, my new album Reckless Ones which explores all kinds of love has been sent off to the mastering engineer so fans can expect that in the coming months. Much love to everyone! Stay safe and wash your hands! 



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