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Dance Away The "Toxicity" With KANDA's Latest Single

Hailing from Coventry, the up-and-coming rapper and recording artist KANDA steps out of his comfort zone in a new and exciting dance/pop single entitled "Toxicity."

The 17-year-old recording artist takes influence from acts like Bruno Mars, J Hus, and Ed Sheeran. He's released a variety of consistent and successful singles that have amassed streams well into the thousands. He's seen much support from the likes of the Mobo Awards, BBC Asian Network, and 6 Music's Tom Robinson.

Spicing up our days with his latest single, "Toxicity," KANDA grooves his way through this lively dance/pop banger while livening the party from every aspect. KANDA mentioned he was inspired to create this bop when seeing his friends in toxic relationships and witnessing them ignore the countless signs that warned them to run while they can.

Jumping into the new single, "Toxicity," the track kicks off with a lively and punchy kick, a plucky bass lick, and KANDA's warm and magnetic vocals. As he energetically and rhythmically grooves to the song's exciting beat, he makes his way over to the hook while portraying the thoughts of an individual submerged in the depths of a toxic relationship.

Although KANDA sings a rather confusing and turbulent lyrical message, the song's dense sonics and bright instrumentation take us straight to the dancefloor without a care in the world. He later jumps into a captivating rap that not only showcases KANDA's artistic versatility but brings the song a whole new and exciting edge. Once the vibrant track comes to an end, we're left looking for the repeat button.

Groove the night away with KANDA's new thrilling single, "Toxicity," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KANDA. We're truly impressed with your captivating and exciting performance within your recent single, "Toxicity." Why did you want to shed light on toxic relationships with this song?

With this song, I just wanted to appear relatable to some who are experiencing this or have experienced it within the past. It's not worth damaging your happiness over trying to make a relationship work when the love is lost. I wanted to emphasize this, and I think by contrasting a nice, upbeat flow with some 'toxic' lyrics it is easier to get across to people, as the song is easier to listen to. Seeing toxic relationships from first-hand experiences, I know what it feels like to fall out of connection with someone, but the song stresses how important it is to stay healthy and happy, meaning sometimes you have to let go of these relationships.

Why did you decide to step out of your comfort zone and create this energetic dance/pop track with "Toxicity"? What inspired you to do so?

I am known for being a pop/afro-style singer, these genres are where I have explored the most. However, because I am the young age of 17, I have time to explore different genres and styles in order to really establish what collaborates well with my voice. I think it's also the fact that, while listening to my own songs, I realized there weren't many of my songs that were suitable for dancing out there. So, I created one, with the hope that people can get up on their feet and put their hands in the air for the song!

Did you work with new producers to achieve the energetic dance/pop sound for "Toxicity"? What was that process like?

Yes, I worked with new producers, but the same studio engineer for this track. Big up to Blane from Push Records for helping me record this song. I think overall, the song was the most enjoyable one by far to record and release. I won't lie, I was busting out some dance moves in the recording booth hearing the track! We managed to get the song written and recorded in a matter of a few days, which is the average time for me to create one of my songs. It was a great experience and to be honest, I'm looking forward to performing this song live in many different venues.

Do you think you'll continue broadening your horizons and experimenting with new sounds within your future releases?

Definitely, my aim as a singer is to make sure that my songs do not sound the same, I don't want to have a staleness in the industry, or become a one-hit-wonder. By going into new genres, I can see what the people like best, but also attract new listeners from different audiences too. I have got a few more songs coming up, I won't say much on them for now but I will say this - they will be nothing like 'Toxicity'. Hope that everyone is enjoying the new track, and don't sleep on the kid - stay tuned for more!


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