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Dance Into Liberation With ROMAN’s Latest Melody “All Mine”

Roman's latest single, "All Mine," drops us into the heart of a magnetic dance journey, completing a trilogy of emotional turbulence stemming from a five-year marriage and its subsequent unraveling.

This time, Roman breaks free from the heavy clouds that loomed in previous tracks as "All Mine" glistens with an infectious, upbeat, retro-inspired groove destined to set bodies in motion.

The intoxicating rhythm and moody vocals wrap you in an attitude-laden embrace, capturing the essence of newfound strength and confidence. "All Mine" embodies the revelation that placing oneself and personal priorities at the forefront is non-negotiable. Roman's vocals, renowned for their expansive four-octave range, infuse the track with a vibrant fusion of R&B and Hip Hop, paying homage to the legendary dance divas of yesteryears.

Produced by the acclaimed Velvet Code, "All Mine" gets additional electrifying remixes by DJ Guy Scheiman, Tweaka Turner, Rob Moore, and Dario Xavier, elevating the track to newfound heights. Background vocals by the Vincent sisters, Pam and Joyce, provide a tantalizing layer of musical depth, a nod to their soulful heritage.

Roman's trajectory in the music scene, marked by chart-topping hits like "Price to Pay" and "Crazy," signifies an unapologetically audacious ascent.

"All Mine" cements Roman's evolution, showcasing resilience, self-discovery, and an unstoppable momentum in reclaiming the personal power one dreams of holding onto. This track isn't just a musical sensation; it's a declaration of empowerment and liberation. Listen to "All Mine" on all streaming platforms as it carries a revolution in every beat.


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