Dance Like You've Got "Fever" to AESTHETIC's New Single

The Los Angeles-based pop artist and singer-songwriter AESTHETIC brings us to our knees with his refreshing and groovy sixth studio single, "Fever."

As he continues shining a light on heavy topics like mental health and love, AESTHETIC never fails to let the listener feel like the main character with his relatable lyricism and sonically dense tunes. Making a name for himself by performing across staple venues like the Crocodile Rock Cafe and the Sherman Theater, AESTHETIC is excited to continue bulldozing the independent pop scene without an end in sight.

Getting us in the groove with his latest hit, "Fever," AESTHETIC offers a brilliant and bold listening experience that encourages us to dance like we've got fever on a Saturday night. Not to mention his uplifting and modern sonics, AESTHETIC has truly mastered the art of lively pop tracks that allow anyone to leave their woes behind.

The single, "Fever," kicks off with a plucky electric guitar alongside shimmering background pads that drop into a powerhouse and energetic electro-pop beat. As a hefty and groovy bassline soaks our speakers in nothing but lust and passion, AESTHETIC makes his bright vocal appearance while encouraging us to sweat it out on the dancefloor.

As we approach the fiery hook, the beat drops into this melodic and high-energy sonic atmosphere with its blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation that truly gets us up and moving. While AESTHETIC pays tribute to acts like the Bee Gees, he carries the same disco-like feel and groove that ends the song on an exhilarating and refreshing note.

Get on the dancefloor with AESTHETIC's latest single, "Fever," now available on all digital streaming platforms.