Dance Like You've Got "Fever" to AESTHETIC's New Single

The Los Angeles-based pop artist and singer-songwriter AESTHETIC brings us to our knees with his refreshing and groovy sixth studio single, "Fever."

As he continues shining a light on heavy topics like mental health and love, AESTHETIC never fails to let the listener feel like the main character with his relatable lyricism and sonically dense tunes. Making a name for himself by performing across staple venues like the Crocodile Rock Cafe and the Sherman Theater, AESTHETIC is excited to continue bulldozing the independent pop scene without an end in sight.

Getting us in the groove with his latest hit, "Fever," AESTHETIC offers a brilliant and bold listening experience that encourages us to dance like we've got fever on a Saturday night. Not to mention his uplifting and modern sonics, AESTHETIC has truly mastered the art of lively pop tracks that allow anyone to leave their woes behind.

The single, "Fever," kicks off with a plucky electric guitar alongside shimmering background pads that drop into a powerhouse and energetic electro-pop beat. As a hefty and groovy bassline soaks our speakers in nothing but lust and passion, AESTHETIC makes his bright vocal appearance while encouraging us to sweat it out on the dancefloor.

As we approach the fiery hook, the beat drops into this melodic and high-energy sonic atmosphere with its blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation that truly gets us up and moving. While AESTHETIC pays tribute to acts like the Bee Gees, he carries the same disco-like feel and groove that ends the song on an exhilarating and refreshing note.

Get on the dancefloor with AESTHETIC's latest single, "Fever," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic AESTHETIC. We're moving and grooving to the irresistible sonics of your latest single, "Fever." What inspired you to release such an intoxicating and groovy electro-pop/disco tune that encourages listeners to dance the night away?

Well, being locked inside your apartment for your first year living out in Los Angeles sure can give one cabin fever. And that’s exactly what inspired this track! I’ve had so much pent up energy from not being able to go out and live my fullest life here due to the pandemic. All I’ve been wanting to do is just go out, listen to some good music and burn up a dance floor! Why not release a song that satisfies that desire?

Did you create the shimmering production yourself for "Fever?" Or did you work alongside any producers to help navigate the sound and feel of this single?

This beat was actually made entirely by my producer Austin Hull. He runs a pop music forum called “Make Pop Music” and this track was actually used for one of his production tutorial videos on YouTube. Around the time I was gearing up to release my last single I was in the beats market for the first time ever. Austin was kind enough to sell me this one. I’m glad he did because after one listen I simply had to have it!

How did you write your lyrics for "Fever" to be so exciting and energy-inducing? What did you want your audience to take away from your cheerful lyrics within this track?

I really just wrote the lyrics to the vibe of the beat. Being my mother’s son I was surrounded by “The BeeGees” music growing up. That whole John Travolta “Saturday Night Fever” era was just people going to clubs to dance and have fun. That’s exactly the energy I wanted to capture with this song. When people listen to this song I really just want them to let down any personal barriers they may have, live their best, most honest lives and dance like no one is watching. I think this past year has been a reminder that life is too short to do anything but that.

Seeing that "Fever" is your sixth studio single, how does it contrast your previous five songs? Do all of your songs offer this upbeat and energetic disco flair?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, if you had told me back in 2018 when I started AESTHETIC that I would one day release a modern disco track, I would not have believed you. Having said that, as an artist, I feel like taking this risk has given me a new sense of purpose and confidence that I most definitely did not have up to this point. Stylistically it is definitely the most different track I have released but lyrically it still builds upon the story that my previous releases have been telling up to this point. The way I see it? This is still the same book and “Fever” is just the newest chapter. I am so excited about this one!

What's next for you?

I have a lot of plans for “Fever”. This is the first song I’ve released that I have a grander vision for. A music video for it is somewhere in the not-so-distant future. Additionally, being that this is my 6th single, I would really love to start performing these songs live now that I have a full setlist. I did a pop-up performance of “Fever” at my birthday party recently and I’ve truly missed the rush of performing live. I’ve been releasing music since 2018 so I feel that I’m due for a live AESTHETIC show. All I need is a DJ to spin my tracks and for this Delta Variant to stop messing with my plans! Haha. As far as new music goes, I would love to start collaborating with other artists. I’ve kept my creative circle tight up to this point but as time goes on I’ve realized just how important it is for me to surround myself with more fun and creative people. I would love to see how my style and energy could potentially help lift someone else’s vision and vice versa. As far as new AESTHETIC releases go, you’ll just have to wait until 2022 for that. But I guarantee you, these new ideas that I am currently sitting on will be worth the wait!