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Dancing All Night With Your Friends? Alexya’s “Zoom” Is The Perfect Track To Get You Moving

Los Angeles electro-pop artist Alexya is a singer-dancer that has a pop-punk-princess attitude that is clearly visible when she is on stage and constantly proves that nothing can hold her back. Alexya started performing at the age of 3 and found her spark for music was lit while watching a live Janet Jackson concert video at the age of 5. At age 13, she became a professional dancer which led her to choreographing for her singer friends and back-up dancing for many pop artists. Alexya was spotted by a manager while at a dance class in the San Fernando Valley and asked to join Master P’s girl group ‘The Fabulous Girls’. Her journey as an artist began when she found her ability to use a “whistle register” like Mariah Carey and lower tones like Toney Braxton. She toured alongside many Disney artists while performing with The Fabulous Girls and also initiated writing songs and learning more about recording arts which help create a foundation for her career as a solo artist. Alexya has recently released an EP titled “Like You Mean It” featuring the song “Zoom” that has gained popularity.

You automatically get that feeling of needing to get up and dance to “Zoom” by Alexya with beats that are crisp and upbeat. “Zoom” has a style that reminds me of tracks by Iggy Azalea featuring powerful tones and sounds that you can physically feel pulsing through your body. The lyrics are beautifully written and Alexyahas a voice that delivers the words so gorgeously from the lower tones mixed with a smooth higher register. Alexya’s vocals in my opinion have remnants of older Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea, and even some of Taylor swifts more recent tones in her rougher album. The intensity of the beats in “Zoom” are those that remind me of a dance club or rave scene that has a very feel good, “let your body move” vibe and I absolutely love the uplift I felt while listening to the track. Alexya’s lyrics are catchy and I love that she has sections that mix singing and parts that are more spoken showcasing that she is able to stretch her talents over many genres. If you are looking for the dance song of the summer – look no further because “Zoom” is going to be your favourite song after one listen.

Listen to "Zoom" here and get to know more about Alexya below!

Hey Alexya! Fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about more about yourself?

Hey! Cool chatting with you too, I’m a creative artist from the Valley (San Fernando Valley, California). I was born and raised in the Valley, which is a pretty vibey but evenly-tempoed place. It’s got the LA vibes but nature is readily there if you need it to ground yourself. It for sure made an impact on my personality and attitude and I feel like I reflect that a lot when I’m in the process of creating. That’s probably the best way I can describe my personality: a chill buzz. I’m also an only child so when I was younger, my time was mostly spent with my parents and we would watch Janet or Michael Jackson concert videos and films starring Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. It’s so crazy to think that those experiences are the foundation of who I am as a person and so my music and artistry are heavily influenced by those things still. Also, probably anyone who follows me and especially those who know me very well, would know that I love anime. I grab a lot of storytelling and life tools from anime so in my music, music videos, pretty much anything I release there’s usually some anime inspired hidden egg laying around somewhere.

How did you find your musical “sound” and have there been any artists that have helped shape it?

I first found my sound when I heard and saw Janet Jackson sing on my family’s tv. I always liked her smokey, smooth, yet sweet tone of voice, so on my own musical journey I like to play around vocally with those textures. I like creating music that incorporates movement because I love to dance and train so much. I love to be outside and I love to experience new things so I feel like my musical palette just keeps getting more colorful and kinda wild and I’m super into it. My musical “sound” gets found and re-found over and over again by fresh experiences with new music, nature, and anime or film but more importantly, it’s grounded through movement and dance. For a while, I was trying to understand what my sound could be and it racked me because I’m so passionate and experimental as a person. I was afraid to decide on a sound because I didn’t feel tied to one specifically, so the artists I turned to for guidance were Jessie Reyez, Jaden Smith, and Pharrell. They inspired me to essentially say, “f*ck it”, and now I just tend to discover the music as I go. I’m always trying to experiment lyrically or with voice texture or song production elements and I really resonate with how those artists just put themselves out there. I want to keep digging for something fresh and honest and when I listen to these artists I find something new in myself to bring to the table when we get into production.

What is your favourite part of creating new music?

One of the best part of creating new music is the coming together of all these creative minds that I get to call my friends. It’s always cool to get your thoughts down on paper and into a song and to work in a recording studio, but I really value the team effort that takes. I get to co-produce the music, collaborate lyrically, and conceptualize the music videos with what I call my “tribe”. Through creating music, dance, or film, I’ve been able to find genuine friendships and we ended up forming this “tribe” where we come together and do music or film and it’s just so tight when I create new music because I know we get to band together. My other favorite part is that I get so hype to see who ends up relating to the music that I’m creating. I get so excited thinking that people get to listen to a part of me that’s so personal.

Can you tell us the meaning behind your track “Zoom”?

“Zoom” is all about being proud of your passions and unapologetic about pursuing what you want. Sometimes being bold in the sense that you are pursuing “your dreams” or a profession less structured, makes other people feel uncomfortable. This track was my reaction to all that. It was me finding other people down to trailblaze life and saying “let’s go, who cares what they say? We don’t need saving.”

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in 2019

NEW MUSIC. More shows. More honesty, more me.


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