Dandelion Releases Alternative Music Video for Single “Ghost Rider”

From Riverside, California, Nathan Oaks aims to create a theme of sex, drugs, longing, and modern pop under the stage name Dandelion. From his recent two-song EP, the alternative rapper has just released a single that lives up to his mantra “forever up to no good” called “Ghost Rider.” In collaboration with Drewmatic, he has also launched a video to accompany the single. With his video for “Ghost Rider,” Dandelion reveals an inner battle with his emotions.

Most of his lyrics point out that he is not the type of man to settle down in a relationship. He even states the phrase “I don’t believe in love” to prove this point. Most of the video is set in the sunny areas of California as Dandelion raps his verses through the streets. Throughout these clips, he embodies a sense of power by sitting in front of luxurious cars and on top of buildings. To contradict “Ghost Rider’s” theme of independence, Dandelion sings, “even if I change the world, she’s never coming back.” The music video also often cuts to a clip of him standing in a graveyard, which could lead fans to believe that he lost his one true love. For the most part, “Ghost Rider” glorifies the benefits of living in the moment as an independent man. However, Dandelion also opens up to his fans by sharing the loss he has experienced and how it has contributed to the person he is today.v

You can listen to "Ghost Rider" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dandelion! It is refreshing for fans to see such creativity with your song lyrics and video. Can you tell us about the message behind your video? What did the graveyard scenes represent?

Hey guys!!!! It's incredibly humbling for people to notice the creativity and energy put into these songs and I couldn't thank you enough for all the love and support I've gotten right out the gate with this thing. The message behind the video was to both convey a sense of how numb I've gotten towards the reality of knowing in my soul that even if I somehow managed to truly make a lasting impact on people through any of this artistry stuff, nothing is ever going to make my son's mom decide to come back to me. While portraying a sense of being numb towards it, I was also trying to show a sense of moving forward in my own journey through degeneracy depicted in lyrics cause lets be honest, degeneracy is the funniest way to cope with issues, and with it comes being able to dance on the graves of your failures which was the significance to the graveyard scenes. (No I didn't actually dance on anyone's grave). 

What was your inspiration for the songwriting and video process for “Ghost Rider?”

The song itself was inspired by an argument and I kinda wrote most of the verses to sorta flex on someone. While the video was honestly planned and shot all on the same day I reached out to drewmatic we just felt the chemistry and decided to meet up the same day because we just knew that the video was going to be exactly what it was supposed to be.

You told us that you have been inspired by artists including Lil Uzi Vert, The 1975, No Rome, and Iann Dior. How have these artists influenced your style as an artist? 

These influences are important to me. Artist integrity is something that has always meant a lot to me so when I was making the decision to go the rap route I felt a responsibility as an artist to give the community and culture something completely new and make sure that I didn't go into this sounding like anyone else or trying to ride off their coattails. So I took melodic influence from these artists because doing so allows me to create something unique and diverse with the intention of leaving the listener unable to say that it sounds like any other artist currently out.

Can you tell us why you chose the name Dandelion to represent your solo project?

Dandelion. Was originally suppose to be a melodic hardcore band I was starting two years ago, unfortunately, things fell through with that and I kept writing and eventually found myself writing stuff similar to the music for this project and when I started to rebrand and knew the direction I was taking the sound, I decided that Dandelion. actually suited this project a lot better than the original vision I had for that name. It truly compliments the poppy and melodic elements I infuse to my music.

What's next for you?

I am currently working on an album that is set to release in late summer. More singles and music videos will be released between now and then!