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Dani In Public Creates an Ambient Vibe With New Song "I'm Not Even Thinking About You"

Dani In Public is an indie pop solo project out of Philadelphia whom is determined to leave their mark in the music industry! Dani In Public has released their single “I'm Not Even Thinking About You” and I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe they gave. “I'm Not Even Thinking About You” begins with an dream-like and ethereal introduction before you absorbs the eerie vocals abundantly distinguishable to the artist themselves. The progressive record has elements of avant-pop, the subtle insensibility aura that was created was highly intriguing for me. “I'm Not Even Thinking About You” reminds me of a pastel-like musical art form similar to the sound an artist like Kali Uchis creates. Artists like Kali Uchis and Dani In Public have a special and unique way of constructing and creating music like a canvas. Dani in public delivers the tenderness you aim to feel from listening to music. “I'm Not Even Thinking About You” gives you the freedom to become numb to the ambiance of the music and I personally enjoyed that sense of emancipation. You can tell how Dani In Public doesn’t necessarily need to force a vibe for his listeners, it just naturally projects off his unique artistry.

Listen to Dani In Public's new single "I'm Not Even Thinking About You" and catch our interview where we chat exclusively about Dani In Public's plans for his next release!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Dani in Public, an indie pop project from Philly. 

How was the music scene in Philadelphia?

It's a very diverse scene, I feel like I have friends in every genre, which is awesome. 

What was the intended message behind “I'm Not Even Thinking About You” ?

I wanted to create a song about unrequited love that had some bite to it. I'm a sucker for sad songs to be honest. It was important for me to capture how i was feeling when I wrote it. 

Do you have any personal musical influences if so who?

I'm a big fan of Frank Ocean, Sza, Justin Vernon and Lana Del Rey. I grew up on both pop music and hip hop.

Do you produce your own music as well as record?

Yes, I produce and record all my tracks.  

What’s one goal you aspire to accomplish in your music this year?

Build my brand and put out two albums. The first one. "All About You", is coming out Valentine's Day. 


Connect with Dani In Public on social media:

Twitter : @dani_inpublic



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