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Dani W + Drew Serve an Ethereal Escape With, "Tell Me How You Really Feel"

Dani W + Drew are two soulful Songwriters coming together to serve pure romance on their latest single "Tell Me How You Really Feel."

The duo consists of Dani W, a skilled vocalist from Los Angeles with Afro-Asian heritage and Drew, a smooth guitarist Texan with Mexican and Native American roots. Coming together to serve nothing but passion through their debut release "Tell Me How You Really Feel," Dani W + Drew also share a sensual and romantic music video that helps you put a face to these two prodigious performers. Not to mention the silky jazz/R&B instrumentals and down-tempo rhythm, Dani W + Drew serves the most desirous balled we've heard in a while. 

"Tell Me How You Really Feel" opens with such serenity, as Dani W begins vocalizing in a sweet falsetto overtop a smooth bassline and short electric guitar strums. Her vocals truly have us in awe, as she displays such a broad vocal range in a matter of seconds.

The music video captures romantic scenes of Dani W + Drew enjoying each others' presence and serenading each other under black and white effects and intriguing shifts in lighting. Once the chorus comes around, Drew adds his mesmerizing harmonies, and the two set sail into a musical escape.

"Tell Me How You Really Feel" ignites an infinite passion within minutes, and reminds us to hold our loved ones tight during these unnerving times. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dani W + Drew! We're delighted to feature your captivating debut single "Tell Me How You Really Feel." Could you share what your inspiration was for the song?

“Tell Me How You Really Feel” (TMHYRF) was inspired by the cinematic feel of movie soundtracks like Batman and Interstellar, as well as the deep jazz roots and R&B vibes of albums like Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” and TLC’s “Crazy, Sexy, Cool”. The song explores the story of two strangers who finally stop to spark up a heart-to-heart conversation, which blooms into a genuine relationship beyond what they could have ever imagined. Hidden in the song is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of what’s right in front of us. TMHYRF reveals that happiness and love live in everyday honest conversations.  


Speaking on the music video for "Tell Me How You Really Feel," Dani W + Drew serve a simple yet incredibly romantic music video. Why did you choose to keep the video so natural with portrait shots and atmospheric lighting?

Thank you! We chose to focus on the pure human connection to match the mood and message of the song. It felt natural to keep the visuals clean and to let the interaction be the focus of the video. Onset, the process was very organic when working with Mary Bee and David Air of Bee In the Air Productions. They are both professional artists and easily understood the sentiment of the song. Being great Directors, they were able to draw out both the simplicity and depth of romantic chemistry by using portrait shots with a splash of ambient coloring as the video progressed.

The instrumentals within Dani W + Drew's single "Tell Me How You Really Feel" are deeply soothing and gentle. Do the two of you plan to stick with this sweet and mellow jazz sound in the future?

We have a broad range of musical interests, including Caribou, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tobe Nwigwe, Gladys Knight, and Erykah Badu. We are definitely excited to bring you some more jazz-inspired originals like TMHYRF. However, we also love feeling limitless in the creative process. Down the road, our musical journey will include fresh elements of an old soul, folk, and hip hop.

We've heard that Dani W + Drew often partner with organizations to motivate and empower communities through your performances. Could you tell us more about these performances and how you go about inspiring communities?     

Music has the power to bring people together for a shared purpose. We often have the pleasure of performing at community events and galas for great organizations such as the Foothill Unity Center, which currently provides vital support services for 4,000 families in need, as well as providing homeless services. We also performed at the SoCal Women’s Conference’s annual event, which focuses on education, health awareness, and empowering both women and men to take charge of their well being--to look and feel good! The SCWC organization reaches out to 1,000s of local residents in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s an honor to perform our uplifting original music for special engagements. Partnering with organizations and universities across the country allows us to help further their missions and to make a positive social impact. Earlier this year, we performed with our full band at the Orange County Black History Month Parade and Cultural Faire to celebrate within our local communities. We look forward to continuing these existing types of partnerships and inviting more collaborations that aim to empower and inspire others to make a positive impact.

What's next?

We are working with Lyell Evans Roeder to record our first D+D EP.  Lyell is a truly gifted composer who has produced for artists such as Leo James Conroy, Ciggy, and Bones UK.  He has shared the stage with acts ranging from Questlove to SHAED, Tash Sultana, Gallant, and Misterwives. We are excited to stay connected and share this new project! The best way to keep in touch for behind-the-scene updates and new releases is through our newsletter on the Dani W + Drew website. If you have Spotify, Instagram, or Facebook, let's stay linked at DaniWDrewMusic for more memorable musical experiences!



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