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Dani Doucette Is “Making Moves,” Into Our Hearts

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Dani Doucette leaves us feeling empowered with her recent hit, "Making Moves."

Dani Doucette signed with MDC Music in 2020, and since then, she's been making a name for herself in the busy Toronto music scene. She's performed at various drive-in concerts, live-streamed events, and hosted digital/live hybrid showcases throughout the pandemic.

The young recording artist is set to release her breathtaking 6-track EP, 'Run With Me,' on January 14th via MDC Music and all digital streaming platforms. The project is a collection of songs that reflect how the mind wanders while touching on being transparent and willing to show the world your unique journey.

The EP also includes the lead single and focus track, "Making Moves," which made its way to our hearts with its seductive nature and themes of woman empowerment and sexuality.

Expanding on the lead single, "Making Moves," the song opens with a hot and heavy synth arrangement that leaks nothing but dark pop modernity and sexual appeal. The song's lush mid-tempo drum arrangement keeps our feet tapping while Dani Doucette's exciting performance cascades our speakers like a wave of desire and pure unbridled passion.

We love Dani Doucette's confidence and allure in this single; she portrays everything we want to hear from a young pop songstress. We truly feel like making some moves after listening to this exhilarating and sensual single; Dani Doucette makes it impossible to ignore the powerhouse, stimulating, and exciting performance she has in store for listeners.

It's time to start "Making Moves" with help from Dani Doucette's latest hit. Find the song on the new EP, 'Run With Me,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dani Doucette. We adore the exciting and alluring energy of your recent hit, "Making Moves." What inspired you to create such a hot and heavy track like this?

Honestly "Making Moves" was totally inspired by just feeling spontaneous. I'm that type of person! When Dan Drama (producer) showed me a production he started it just inspired the total vibe of the track. The lyrics I had started writing already on a trip and when we put them together, it just worked.

Who produced the hefty and intriguing sonics for "Making Moves?" What vibe did you want the production to offer?

Dan Drama! We met randomly at a concert and he was just a super genuine soul. Over months we chatted and one day I decided to bike over and see what we can create together! He is very intuitive and open. Also a killer singer and solo artist!! Check him out!

You mentioned that "Making Moves" is the focus track of your new EP, 'Run With Me.' How does the song coincide with the EP's concept and theme?

'Run With Me' is the invitation to join me on my journey. "Making Moves" is the action of taking life by the reins. I really wanted to show all the dimensions of my personality on this EP. My whole reason to release a collection of songs.

What was it like creating your EP, 'Run With Me,' alongside such skilled and acclaimed producers? How did they help execute your ideas and bring the project to life?

It felt great! And it went so smoothly. Everyone I worked with really wanted the songs to be perfect. There were no clashes of opinion, it was really an enjoyable experience. Each producer had their own process which was cool to vibe with. Also, a few songs started with one producer, and ended in another’s hands, so watching them change with the influence of a different ear was neat.

What's next for you?

This was such a warm-up and I have been writing like crazy. I am forecasting a full album by fall 2022. That’s the goal.



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