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Daniel Angelus Tries To Bridge The Divide On “Myth Calling”

The award-winning singer/songwriter continues to impress with his vast, immersive soundscapes.

Sometimes, the most amazing of journeys are born not from initial joy but from the resilience of overcoming adversity.

This statement rings true for musician Daniel Angelus, a multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and music producer whose journey has been as winding as anyone. A self-described recluse, Daniel Angelus’s musical journey started as a form of therapy, using it as an outlet to deal with a difficult and traumatic childhood. Fast forward, and his grit, resilience, and grace have led to a musical message that has resonated with audiences everywhere.

With a unique sound built on what he describes as “the frailties and wonderment of human life,” Angelus has captivated listeners with his honest, transparent approach to his music. Since he quietly released his debut LP “Miracle Dark” in 2016, he’s gone from strength to strength, bettering himself with every release and refining his sound further.

With more recent releases like 2021’s highly praised single “More Than You Love Me” and this year’s fantastic release “Myth Calling” (both slated to be on Angelus’s upcoming album “Seven Love Songs” adding to Angelus’s artistic fire, there’s no doubt that this talented artist will continue blazing his trail in the scene.

As we’ve come to expect, Angelus’s release “Myth Calling” is more than a simple release; it's a musical journey adorned with vast and lush soundscapes that evoke the visceral. No wonder Angelus’s music has been labeled “pop songs and soundtracks for dreamers.”

With its rousing synths and steady drums, “Myth Calling” is tinged with sentimental comfort that hits the sweet spot between the nostalgic and the contemporary. As Angelus’s ethereal vocals bring lines like “Come wave a flag, speak your language to me / cry to the creator, to set you free” to life, every aspect of “Myth Calling” brims with the energy of the world and humanity in all its glory.

Daniel Angelus’s latest release, “Myth Calling,” is a captivating release that stands as a testament to an artist who’s already reached dizzying heights yet continues to strive for even greater artistic creations.

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