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Daniel Angelus Unleashes Inner Thoughts on Emotionally-Impactful Song, "More Than You Love Me"

UK artist Daniel Angelus is the type of pop-based singer/songwriter that delivers emotionally affecting experiences through his music. Angelus puts a mountain of emphasis on sharing his vulnerabilities with his listeners, as he voluntarily offers his raw experiences and truths to the masses.

While Daniel Angelus tends to focus on a more pop-based, electronically-inspired genre, he's able to fuse many other unique elements of his artistry within his music to create his utmost impressionable sound.

The most recent project that Daniel Angelus has successfully debuted is titled "More Than You Love Me." Becoming available on major streaming platforms in August, "More Than You Love Me" is centered around a painful narrative that may very well tug on listeners heartstrings. Daniel Angelus dives deep into the hardships involved with love, and he gives listeners a clear look inside his emotional, romantic life with impactful and straightforward lyricism.

Besides the narrative, "More Than You Love Me" shines in an uplifting manner with its backed production. Daniel Angelus chooses a melody that sparks euphoria and introduces a sense of juxtaposition.

Teaming up with producer Tyla-Joe Connett, "More Than You Love Me" was meant to be a sonic, emotional masterpiece that would remain in the minds of listeners for a long time. All in all, Daniel Angelus' persona is all-too addicting, his vocal tone all too attractive, which ultimately has us anticipating new music from this pop-based artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Daniel Angelus. How did you feel immediately upon releasing "More Than You Love Me" on streaming platforms? I am always nervous when releasing new music, I sometimes hold on to these songs for quite some time before letting them go. With 'More Than You Love Me' there was a lot of excitement in me because I knew I had made something really special and I wanted to see if the world felt it just as much as I did. I am relieved by the immense response to the song, I am overjoyed, to be honest. Grateful to give something for people to enjoy and feel.

"More Than You Love Me" definitely created a heartthrob for some listeners. What inspired the general storyline? Do you often extract your lyrical content from your own life experiences? I tend not to talk about the subjects of my songs, indeed because they are based on my own life experiences. I prefer to let the songs speak for themselves, in fact, they speak on behalf of me and my experiences. We call it 'deceptive pop' in the studio because I enjoy putting very raw, personal, and emotional content onto a track that is as catchy and enjoyable as I can make it. It strikes a nice balance that I feel eases people into tough subjects in a safe artistic manner. Also, who doesn't want to cry and dance at the same time? It's the story of my life!. You collaborated with multi-instrumentalist and producer, Tyla-Joe Connett. What would you say was the best element to working with this producer? Do you see yourself working with them for any future songs? When I wrote my new songs I knew I needed a whole different sound, style, and quality to them. I am known for writing cinematic dream-pop songs fused with a wall of noise and for these new songs I wanted to step away from my back catalog and try something completely different. To do this I needed to bring Tyla on board to produce the songs with me. His studio is perfect for what these songs deserve. I discovered that Tyla loves to play instruments as well so we started having fun with this and writing pieces that could apply our strengths to the songs. I only work with producers who are fully invested in the songs, and Tyla really understood this and applied a real dedicated edge to the new single. I will let a guarded secret out here and share that I have written and recorded lots of singles with the new team. If you feel 'More Than You Love Me' then the next few years could be an emotional and heartfelt ride for us. Let's do it together. Are there any components to "More Than You Love Me" that were challenging for you to envision, write or record? Writing the song was hard for me because when I write I have to confront a lot of my own experience. However, it was one of the easiest and most enjoyable recording experiences of my life. When we mixed and mastered the song we knew we had something special. We have had that feeling quite a few times since then as well. The original guitar solo at the end of the single was too hardcore for us to release. We had a bit too much fun on this so we re-recorded a new guitar solo and felt better about this version staying on the track.

What's next for you? I am embarking on a tour in the UK soon alongside maybe, possibly, more single releases, maybe. Hint hint. I am deeply in love with making music and performing it in venues at the moment. And I am so grateful to be able to do that. I don't care if there is one person in the crowd or a full venue. I will be giving 110% and having an emotional time at that stage. I hope people can jump on this journey with me so it doesn't feel so lonely in each town. Let's dance together. We deserve that!

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