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Daniel Gidlund Navigates The End Of Love In His New EP 'Never Ending Night'

Reaching the end of a relationship is never easy. Singer-songwriter and adventurous recording artist Daniel Gidlund knows this all too well, serenading us with the depths and valleys of lost love in his recent 5-track EP, Never Ending Night.

Daniel Gidlund is a vocal educator and music teacher with quite a track record in the professional music industry. He's best known for singing on Nause's 2011 hit, "Made Of," not to mention taking the lead vocals on Dada Life's 2012 smash hit, "Feed The Dada." His combined creations have reached over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, and now, Gidlund is ready to bring listeners deep into his personal life with his latest EP, Never Ending Night.

The new project is said to be a tale about ending love, as the EP's title refers to "that last walk together before the final dissolution," says Gidlund.

The 5-track project begins with the stunning introductory track, "Leap Of Faith," softly opening with emotional electric guitar picking and Daniel Gidlund's velvety vocals that bless the ears with harmonious melodies. While emotionally asking someone to take that leap of faith and give a relationship one last shot, we can already feel that Gidlund knows the answer to his question. It's a chilling intro track that perfectly paves the way for the songs to follow.

Reaching track number two, "Never Too Late," Daniel Gidlund turns up the energy with punchy electric guitar hits and the song's overall expansive energy. Gidlund's raspy and melodic vocals shower us with introspective lyrics about how it's never too late to save yourself from defeat. As the song continues, the glimmering production and toe-tapping instrumentals shine through to lift us into this all-encompassing and ethereal soundscape.

Daniel Gidlund slows things down with the third track and the EP's halfway point, "Close To Your Heart (EP Version)," opening with melancholy acoustic guitar melodies and his crooning vocals. As the soft piano begins fluttering in, Daniel Gidlund dives deep into his emotional lyrics of wishing to remain close to someone's heart no matter how far they drift apart. It's a sweet-sounding yet heart-string-tugging emotional ballad straight out of Gidlund's diary.

Onto the EP's fourth track, "The Fumes," we're met with chilling and layered acoustic guitar melodies that pounce through the speakers with uplifting energy. Listening to Daniel Gidlund's vocals melting into the sweet piano melodies is top-tier, but his grippingly emotional message increases the experience. This hopeful and inspirational tune will lift your spirits, letting you exhale "The Fumes" of past pain.

Landing on the EP's fifth outro and title track, "Never Ending Night," we can already feel this song represents that final goodbye with someone special. Daniel Gidlund's chilling lyrics paint such delicate and relatable images of escaping reality with someone and savoring every last moment of this "Never Ending Night." This tear-inducing, cinematic song perfectly represents the emotions felt when two souls realize they're better left apart.

There's nothing better than raw songwriting and authentic emotion with relatable concepts we can all get behind. With Daniel Gidlund's new EP, Never Ending Night, you get exactly that. Find the heartfelt new project on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Daniel Gidlund. Congratulations on releasing your personal 5-track EP, Never Ending Night. What inspired you to create an entire project about the ending of love?

Thank you, and thanks for having me! The last couple of years have really been a rollercoaster of emotions and heartbreaks for me, and through this process, I’ve been writing songs about it all. Now I’ve come to a stage where I have to let things go for real and move on. I can’t keep reading the same depressing book over and over again.

What was the most challenging part about creating such a personal and emotional project like Never Ending Night? How did you overcome those obstacles?

Some songs were easy to write and were done within a few days, while, for instance, in Leap Of Faith was harder to find the right tone in the lyrics. Melodies come naturally to me, I just keep singing until I find the right one. Lyrics, on the other hand, need more deep diving, and when I get stuck, I need to leave it and pick it up sometimes months later. Once you reset your eyes, you see what's good or not and what may be missing. Also, recording and producing everything yourself is a wonderful thing but soo self-doubting and hard. You never know when you’re done. Then one day, you just have to decide to release it for an audience or bury it in a hard drive.

How did you want the EP, Never Ending Night, to impact your audience? What effect did you want this project to have on them?

I’m so looking forward to releasing this and hearing what some of my listeners think! Maybe give them a sense of recognition and help them through something of their own or just wake up realizing what they have. I always try to add a bit of hope in my music, either through the lyrics or my singing, and hope someone picks up on that.

Which song from Never Ending Night are you most proud of and why? What makes that song so special to you?

"Leap of faith" is the one! To me, it’s hopeful and sad at the same time, and it sums up a lot of my own fears of commitment. It really comes alive when I sing it, and I think the lyrics without that many words say a lot.

How does Never Ending Night stand out from the rest of your releases over the past decade? What did you do differently this time around?

The big difference is that I set up my studio in my bedroom instead of renting a studio. It was way more comfortable and took a lot of pressure off when creating and recording. Whenever I had an idea, I could capture it right away. My piano was mic’d up and ready to go, and I could just open my closet door and have a vocal booth. An EP has been a goal for a long time. I’ve held onto my music almost convulsively cause it just had to be perfect, so releasing more than one song at a time is wonderful.



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