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Daniel Ojo Inspires Listeners to Look for God's Unwavering Support in His Gospel Single "Solid Rock"

Daniel Ojo makes the type of Gospel music that you'd want to listen to every day. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, his congregation of believers under the cognomen, The Psalmist Music, spreads love through their sonic amalgamations. By gathering the touchstones of what makes worship music uplifting, like; anthemic drums, echoing harmonies, and dynamic transitions that swell over-enthusiastic top-lines; and utilizing all these crucial components to blossom over God's uplifting bestowals.

His latest single, "Solid Rock," employs much of the same sonic strategies. Daniel hones in on his tight band's energy and ushers this song's message forward through a five-minute worship performance that demands a standing ovation by any standard; developing and shifting into broader and more intense as it presses on. It's a powerful number reminding believers that God can be their refuge and that they can always look to him as an unbroken foundation when in darkness. 

As you traverse through the uplifting atmospheres of verse and chorus, the drummer blast over his tom-toms with effortless speed and a full choir harmonizes over Daniel's cherubic mantras; tailing the gospeler as he sings: "Lord, you are my solid rock!"

When the sonic environment slowly develops into its highest worshipping maxima, an array of delightful synths, scintillating guitars, and synergizing keys erupt like an amalgamated wall-of-sound in support of Daniel's God-given gift of singing.

There's truly no one more suited to deliver that message than the talented ensemble working with Daniel Ojo to produce "Solid Rock," and it's sure to have listeners rewinding for more. 

What were the primary emotions that led to writing and recording "Solid Rock?"

Primarily, God led me to write this song from one of my favorite scriptures - Ps. 46 which then ties to my feeling of just being overwhelmed with everything going on, and the current hopeless state of the world.

Why do you think "Solid Rock" manifested itself in you during the challenging times associated with 2020? 

2020 has been a difficult year, full of many ups and downs, losses and disappointments, success and failures, despair, fear, anxiety, pain and to top it all, the relentless COVID-19 disease which has taken a lot of lives and put the world in a standstill and out of order! But God has always reminded me that He is still here even in the midst of everything, He is in control, steadfast, unshakable, and unmovable and I can trust him completely. There's no better time to share "Solid Rock" than now.

How did you go about incorporating so many different instrumental elements into "Solid Rock" without it taking away from your core message?

Working with really amazing and talented producers/musicians of like minds such as Hillary Godwin, Lacy Comer, Kemy Siala, Johnathan Miller, Dan Shike & Daniel Ayitta, people who understand the balance between the message the song carries and are able to also connect to it while also delivering an excellent instrumentation and music production really makes it a lot easier for me.

If you could give your audience a few words that would act as the prologue to the experience behind "Solid Rock," what would say and why?

Don't give up, no matter how hard or difficult things might seem, God is in control!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Keeping my eye on Jesus, trusting him completely, and never giving up or losing hope.


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